Aimee Song from Song of Style Polyvore Set

Aimee Song from Song of Style Polyvore SetMore blogger envy. Hope you don’t mind me sharing but whilst I’m waiting for the boyfriend to have free time to take some outfit pictures, here’s a great outfit from Song of Style. Changed the shoes a little as I’m just so in love with the fold on these Alexander McQueen boots but otherwise I love it all. Polyvore is so awesome, but so addictive. Be warned. It will eat you up.

2 comments to Aimee Song from Song of Style Polyvore Set

  • laru

    Luckily I’m not lusting after snake patterned things yet (short on money at this time of the year) but I love the jacket. These white stripes look really nice on it. I guess it will appear on my to-buy-list in the near future (:

    • Yes! Put it on there! It will last see you through many a year.
      I am usually not a fan of snake pattern trousers but after seeing it being increasingly well handled the last season and now, I’m thinking it can be quite a cool style if paired with the right stuff.