Outfit: Wild Thing

Wild Thing Outfit

Wild Thing OutfitWild Thing Outfit

dress: Forever 21, waistcoat: ASOS, leggings: ASOS, shoes: Urban Outfitters, necklace (worn as bracelet): Bulgari

Well this post was timely. Fur waistcoat in the middle of the one week this year that is actually hot 😉 ! Anyway, this outfit is something that can take me from day to night, which is something I love as I’m often out all day and I don’t want to get chilly when it gets dark. This faux fur waistcoat is great as it’s warm but not too stuffy or hot, and I like having my arms unstifled by thick sleeves. As for the Urban Outfitters shoes, well they are killers! I definitely won’t be wearing them often, but I love securing the straps over leggings – a little trick to make your legs look longer, along with the massive heel of course!

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