Reiss Jillie Navy Faux Fur Jacket

Reiss Women's Jillie Navy Faux Fur Jacket

source: Reiss 

Just the one item this week, as it’s a knockout. I’ve been searching for a blue faux fur jacket or coat ever since seeing one in the Topshop AW11 party collection. I love the ombre striped effect on this Reiss jacket, which is pretty standard but seems elevated with the coloured faux fur, almost neon. I think the blue would look amazing against black leather trousers and a low-neck white tank top. Not really sure how I’d feel about pairing it with more colourful offerings though. Even though colour blocking is pretty trendy right now, I think it might be a bit too much.

Ps. Sorry for the late post, I was just so busy yesterday and forgot!

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