Superhero T Shirt

Casual outfit - t shirt, shorts and boots

T-shirt and denim shorts outfit

Black leather boots and denim shorts

Everyday outfit - shorts and tee

Denim drawstring bag from Kipling

Cute t-shirt from Topshop

Superhero t-shirt from Junk Food

top: Junk Food via Topshop, shorts: Topshop, bag: c/o Kipling, shoes: SixtySeven

This is a typical outfit for me during the summer when I’m on the go. I know, I know, I wish I could wear heels all the time too and beautiful dresses and really cool outfits, but sometimes you just need something really simple and easy, and I wanted to show you a more plain outfit of mine so you can see my real down-time wear! I love t-shirts, and ones with Batman on it are the best.

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