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1. Headphones / 2. Holdall / 3. Gadget Bag / 4. Trainers / 5. Foundation / 6. Luggage Tag / 7. Purse / 8. Lip Balm / 9. Kindle + Case 

All items sourced via Shopcade

It always the way, isn’t it? After coming back from holiday, all you want to do is IMMEDIATELY go away again, and somewhere hot and lovely again please, if it’s not too much to ask. To be fair, my one holiday this year – Seville – was only four days long, and it was cloudy for three of those days so I’m not sure it even counts. Therefore I’m 100% allowed to be dreaming of Callum and I’s next trip away. Now I’m a bit weird and I get quite excited about packing my travel bag, so I thought I’d share with you the sort of things you’d find if you had a rummage through my on-flight bag!

A few things I must always have on me when I fly- headphones (I’m a bit of an uneasy flyer so some chilled out music helps calms my nerves), my Kindle, a little coin purse (how adorable is this Kate Spade popsicle one!), and some lip balm. Comfy shoes are also a must (I usually go for either Converse or trainers – JD sports have an awesome range of women’s footwear where I get a lot of my sneaks from). Then pop it all into a gorgeous bag like this Topshop holdall and we have travel practicality and cuteness perfection!

What are your travel essentials? x

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