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dress: c/o Lavish Alice | shoes: c/o Keds

You know I love polka dots, so how could I resist an outfit with a polka dot print dress and shoes? It’s always a pleasure too to find a nice new place to shoot, so when Callum and I went along to the lavender fields in Hitchin with his family we took a break from enjoying the last of the summer sun to take these photos. I can’t believe it was just recently – it’s so cold and rainy now I’m back to living in my mum’s cashmere jumper again (my saviour against the winter cold last year). But if I stare at these pictures long enough, I can just about remember the feel of sunshine on my skin …

Lavish Alice have some really wonderful pieces for AW13, including this beauty of a dress. They’ve taken inspiration from high fashion, with interesting shapes and clean lines, and made pieces more approachable for the every day girl shopping on the highstreet. I really love the cut of this dress around the neckline and the way the polka dot and leopard spots merge to create a really beautiful print. It would be a stand-out dress at Christmas parties paired with red lipstick and super-high ankle-strap heels, don’t you think?

Speaking of Christmas (less than 15 weekends away now!), I’ve been thinking a lot recently about trying to cut down my spending on clothes, especially in preparation for gift-season. Of course, I could just stop buying clothes – duh, Tasha. But this plan always fails because really, how can you resist a gorgeous new piece for your wardrobe? No matter how many soft, cosy jumpers I already own, that new one in Topshop promises me it’ll make all the difference. I don’t think it’s a problem spending money on clothes (as well as books, it’s about all I really shell out on on a regular basis), but I do try and offset the expense.

Selling things on eBay is one way I make a little more room in my wardrobe as well as a bit of money – check out my eBay account here, will be adding some things very soon. Though the problem is you don’t get a lot from your sales once eBay has taken their cut, and it does take a lot of time to list the items and then package and post them once they’ve sold. I also like to swap clothes with my friends. It’s an excuse for a girly get-together, and we all go home with some nice new things without having spent any money! Luckily a few of my closest friends are the same size as me, so it works well for us. I’ve also been recommended cash-in sites where you can get a few pennies for your old clothes, though I’ve yet to try them. Anyone have any good money-saving shopping tips? x

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