Events | A Year in Review


was the year I …

Puma racerback sports bra top

… started an exercise regime – and actually stuck to it!

Sky HD box Sophie Dahl fashion designer

… finally moved in with Callum!

Holiday outfits

… went back to one of my favourite places in the world, Seville

UK fashion blogger Girl in the Lens

… got to work with some amazing brands on the blog, and felt grateful for this opportunity every single day

Ombre baylage dip dye hair bloggers

… just really loved my hair

Summer photos

… ate some good meals

Eating with chopsticks photo

(like really good)

Tribal inspired necklace

… got to grips with lipstick!

Dress with leopards on it

… wore a lot of red

DIY festival kit

… started experimenting with DIY

Portrait photography ideas

… was wowed by Callum’s photography for the blog

Misty forest photograph

(I mean, just look at that!)

New Year's Eve party outfits

(and this!)

Christmas tree decorations

… had my first Christmas with Callum in our own home

The Elites by Natasha Ngan

… saw my dream of becoming a published author come true!

Girl in dress in the snow photo

… danced in the snow


… pretended to be a panda

Fashion bloggers silver shoes

… finally found a pair of comfy stilletos!


… never stopped

Girl in the Lens photography

… and was just really, really happy.

Heart shaped lollipop

Hope you all had a great year too, Girlinthelensers! (Oh dear lord, did I just say that ..?! ;)) Wishing you all the best for 2014. Dream big, live hard, and keep aiming for the stars. See you in the new year! Lots of love, the Girl in the Lens team x

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