Travel | CitizenM Bankside Review


Luckily for us London is only a hop, skip and a jump away (*ahem* a twenty minute train ride), but if you’re not within easy reach of the city then it can seem pretty daunting trying to plan a trip that won’t break your budget. The […]

Gift Guide with Matches Fashion and Shop Sense


In this world there are two kinds of acne: the bad kind, located on our faces, and the good kind, with a capital ‘A’. Acne is any style-obsessed girl’s go-to for super cool sweaters and kits with the brand’s trademark boyish cuts and Swedish minimalism. As […]

Outfits | Uniform


shirt and shorts: Forever 21 | boots: c/o Barbour via Cloggs | bag: c/o Paul’s Boutique | sunnies: River Island

Some days the style just isn’t coming to you, and you’re running late but still haven’t figured out what you want to wear and […]

Event | Malaysia Night 2014


This time last week, the beautiful Trafalgar Square in London was transformed for its yearly Malaysia Night in association with Malaysia Kitchen, a celebration of all things Malaysian – which basically means FOOD. I can’t explain just how excited I was to go. As most of you know, I […]