Pin Pin Pinterest

As if we needed another social media site to waste all our hours away on, now there’s Pinterest. It’s like being a kid in a candy shop – everywhere you look there are beautiful images, and it’s so easy to just repin what you like to your […]

New Year’s Resolutions For the Blog

Just a little post to say a) HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!, b) hope you had a lovely time over Christmas, and c) I’ve come up with a couple of New Year’s resolutions for the blog! Here they are:

More outfit posts – I always wanted this blog to be mainly a personal style one and […]

Merry Christmas!


I’m writing this post in my Christmas pyjamas and long red socks with baubles on, which can only mean one thing – it’s Christmas! I’m so excited about opening our little bundle of presents, having a big fat roast dinner (pigs in blankets ftw) and then sitting around with the […]

On THOSE T-shirts *Cough Topman Cough*


Just wanted to add my two cents to the debate that’s surrounding these Topman t-shirts – recently withdrawn from sale of course. I’m not really going to talk about the second one. It’s mildly funny and I don’t really take issue with it, especially when you consider how there are equally derogatory […]

“Why Do You Spend So Much Money on Clothes?”

I get a bit peeved off when people ask me this. Firstly – I don’t! I spend some money on clothes but not a huge amount. And the clothes I wear last me years as things go in and out of fashion, as my own style shifts, as my size wobbles about from 6-10 in […]