Alexander Wang Dakota Lace-Up Boots

Alexander Wang Dakota lace-up boots

Alexander Wang Dakota lace-up boots


Ok, so I’ve already done one of these posts today but one of my favourite bloggers, Erika of Fashion Chalet, has just announced her latest giveaway and it’s insane. Yes, ladies and gents, she’ll be giving one lucky reader nothing else than a pair of THESE BEAUTIES. I’ve lusted after Alexander Wang bags shoes for years, so the chance to own a pair is too good to miss. These boots would really complete my summer wardrobe, as they’re the perfect mix of utility and fashionable details to complete all summer outfits. And of course they’d be equally great in winter with tights or socks and leather trousers. Aren’t they perfect?

I really don’t want to tell you how to enter Erika’s amazing giveaway so I have better odds of winning them, but that wouldnt’ be fair now would it? So just head over to Erika’s blog post and read all about how you can get your hands on these beauties.

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