Side Ponytail with a Twist Tutorial

Side ponytail with a twist

I love a good challenge, so when GHD contacted me about trying out their new hairdryer with a twist, I was instantly excited. They gave five bloggers a different decade each and asked us to create a hair look inspired by that decade. My decade was the future – perfect for me really, as not only am I a massive sci-fi fan, but also it allowed me to come up with a hairstyle all by myself. As you guys probably know, I’m not the most inventive or skilled at doing hairstyles, so I picked a simple style with a twist. I could see girls in the future wearing everyday for a casual look with an interesting detail.

Here’s how I did it …

GHD Air hairdyer

Hair products

Products used:

  • GHD Air hairdryer (c/o GHD)
  • Fish volumising blow dry spray (c/o KMI)
  • Fish silky smoothing cream (c/o KMI)
  • Aussie Hi-Hold/Hi-Shine hairspray
  • Bobby pins
  • Elastic hair ties

Blow-dried, ombre hair

1. I started by blow drying my hair with the great new Air hairdryer from GHD (super fast, minimum heat damage, great quality as expected from GHD), using a few sprays of Fish’s volumising blow dry spray to add some volume. I love this product – it’s the only thing that actually gives my fine, flyaway hair some proper oomph, and it smells great too.  Side ponytail with a twist tutorial

2. Pull hair to one side and secure an inch or so below your ear with an elastic tie. Depending on your hair length, tie in two more places down the ponytail (doesn’t really matter how many, just not two as this looks a little weird and keep them evenly spaced). Keep a little hair free below the last tie.

Side ponytail with a twist tutorial

3. Smooth the flyaway hairs with a little smoothing cream, such as the one I used from Fish. The problem with this hairstyle for me is that I have layers, and they are very flicky, so it’s always going to look a little messy. You could keep it messy like mine or go for a really urban, sleek look if you don’t have so many layers by keeping it ultra smooth.

Side ponytail with a twist tutorial

4. This part’s a little fiddy – pull out a little bit of hair from the back under each section and wrap it round the hair tie, pinning it at the back with a bobby pin. Again, sorry about the flyaways – my hair is so layered so it doesn’t like this bit either! But I kind of like the messy look.

Et voila! You have a cute, slightly futuristic side pony with a twist. Thanks GHD for challenging me to try out a new hairstyle! I think I’ll play around with my hair a bit more from now on.

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