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c/o Delilah Dust and c/o Astrid & Miyu

Britstitch pastel satchels

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Portuguese Heart jewellery

c/o Portuguese Heart

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Harry Potter ring

Holly Presley on Etsy

Jewellery always gets a little lost in outfit posts (unless it’s a statement piece of course), so I wanted to take some photos and show off some gorgeous new jewellery I’ve been loving recently. Firstly, yes, you’ve noticed the Harry Potter ring, and yes, I am a massive fan. I wear my Gryffindor colours proud. I’ve been on the hunt for lit-themed jewellery, and this simple but beautifully crafted ring from of Harry’s glasses and scar from independent jewellery maker Holly Presley is the perfect start to my collection.

You’ll also have spotted the gorgeous pastel satchels I’ve featured in a couple of my outfit posts lately (pink satchel here and mint satchel here). I can’t get enough of these bags. They are seriously a must for every girl’s wardrobe, and although they’re quite expensive, you have to remember that they’re made in the UK from the highest quality leather, and are worth every penny. It’s worth investing in pieces like this, that you know will go with tonnes of outfits.

My last favourite piece from the photos above is this beautiful necklace from Portuguese Heart. Unfortunately, it’s sold out at the moment, but hopefully it will be coming back into stock soon. It’s a spring staple, with its pretty flower design and on-trend royal blue, and it feels luxurious with it’s silver base and gold-plating. I love the fact that it was inspired by the daisy-chains you make as children, and it really is a super versatile piece. I’ve worn it with tees, dresses and shirts already, and I’ve only had it a couple of weeks! A great thing about Portuguese Heart is that all their jewellery is handmade in villages in the north of Portugal. Supporting smaller designers is important to me when it comes to jewellery, and I love there to be a story behind the pieces I wear x

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