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Let me put my hands up and admit it outright – I’m an addict. There is something in my life that sucks away hours of my time but I can’t seem to prise myself away from it. To even think about a day where we should ever be parted brings tears to my eyes. Yes, ladies and gents, I confess – I am hopelessly, completely, addicted to Pinterest.

For those fellow addicts reading this, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Pinterest is like an online scrapbook, a beautiful site where you can let your creativity go wild and unleash the inner digital hoarder in you. It’s also crazily useful. Keep a record of food recipes and beauty how-tos, travel destinations and fashion wish-lists, all in one place – just use the Pin It Button when you come across something you like the look off, et voila! And your Pinterest page is totally customisable to how you want to use it. You can keep it simple like me with just a few main boards (collections of pins) or go wild and have hundreds for every theme you can think of.

While Pinterest is rather US-centric, they’re set on changing that, with a new dedicated UK site and worldwide expansion plans. So if you want to join the HPA club (hopeless Pinterest addicts) then sign up here and start your Pinterest love affair now! If you need more convincing, here’s a taster of my boards and what I like to use them for …

* Threads*

Fashion style Pinterest boards

Having one of those I don’t know what to wear I hate everything in my closet days? No sweat – just hop onto Pinterest and browse your style board for inspiration. Here’sΒ my fashion board.


Beauty Pinterest boards

I use my beauty boardΒ to keep a collection of hairstyles, nail art designs and make up to try. I’m so useless with cosmetics, so this is an easy way for me to collect tutorials and find new products and styles to recreate.


Home decor design Pinterest board

At the moment, my home design board is basically dream-house porn for me, but when I get my own place I’ll be checking these pins for decor inspiration and interior design DIY tutorials.


Food Pinterest boards

Be warned, my food board is 100% guaranteed to induce drool. I love browsing it for recipes I want to try out, and it means that you never need to cut out recipes and lose them ever again.

So what do you think? Convinced now? Great! Sign up here to get started with Pinterest. And be sure to check out the next blogger on the Pin it Forward campaign, the lovely Girl a la Mode, who’ll be sharing her Pinterest boards with you all too. x

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