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Orange coral clothes accessories wishlist


coat | shoes | bag | beanie | earrings | nail polish | lip gloss

Coral is probably my favourite colour to wear – there’s something just so fresh and vibrant and juicy about it! I love the mix of oranges, reds and pinks (three of my other favourite colours) and like I’ve said a million times before, bright colours can really boost your mood, so you know you’ll be feeling super great and confident in coral. As we’re swinging into the colder months now, I’ve picked out some pieces above that’ll be perfect for winter.

Can we start of by all agreeing just how amazing this Tommy Hilfiger peat coat is? It’ll definitely wake you (and everyone that sees you!) up on cold, dark morning. It’s the sort of classic coat that’d look great with so many outfits. Add a striped breton jumper, skinny jeans and this cute watermelon beanie for one totally adorable look. And for the party season, a pair of sparkly heels are a must! I love these platform peep-toe heels -sure they’re a bit OTT and you’ll probably be dying for a pair of flats at the end of the evening, but they’ll make your legs look amazing and are just so fun! Coral is also a great beauty colour for any skin tone. Add a sweep of this lip gloss over lips for that final pop of colour.

Word of warning. Maybe don’t try wearing all these accessories and beauty products at once – you might end up looking like an oompa loompa 😉 x

All items sourced via Shopcade

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