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SJP shoes SJP shoe collection SJP shoes Sarah Jessica Parker debut shoe collection

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Like many girls I’m sure, Carrie Bradshaw will always have a special place in my heart. Even though her style isn’t exactly my thing, you can’t help but adore how individual she is in Sex and the City – how she really means every outfit, loves every look. She’s so playful and inventive with her fashion, and truly dresses for herself. That’s inspiring. And with that love for Carrie comes love for the actress that portrays her, Sarah Jessica Parker. So you can probably imagine the loudness of my squeal when I heard about SJP’s first ever shoe collection. Hint – it was loud.

Designed in collaboration with George Malkemus, CEO of none other than Carrie-favourite Manolo Blahnik, SJP’s debut collection is inspired by Carrie’s quirky, colourful style and Parker’s own childhood. There’ll be bags too, and a trench intended to accentuate accessories, but of course the focus is on the shoes. And what shoes they are. They’re super girly and playful, in clean, versatile shapes. The sort of shoes that are perfect for dressy evening looks, but also ones you can throw on with jeans and an oversized shirt and still feel ultra feminine in.

How excited are you?! Take a look at more behind-the-scenes insights with this video. The collection will launch online here in a few weeks, so keep those peepers peeled! I’ll be saving up for those adorable nude pumps with the bow-strap. I think Carrie would approve. x

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