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Hands up who’s a fashion hoarder? Yup, I’ll admit it – I’m one. It baffles me how many clothes I think I need. Every time something shiny and new in the shops catches my eye, I forget that I most probably have something very very similar already in my wardrobe back home, and at the same time I find it difficult to let go of clothes I’ve not worn in a long time. There’s always that ohhhh but maybe it’ll be the perfect piece to finish off an outfit I’m not sure I’m going to wear in days/weeks/years time, and of course it ends up unworn on its hanger, feeling sad and lonely and unloved (anyone else imagine their clothes as living things? No ..? Just me then).

So, for the past few years, I’ve been making myself do a big wardrobe clear out every season. I go through every single piece and ask myself a) have I worn this in the past few months, b) do I have anything similar to it, and c) does it fit with the rest of my pieces? That helps me figure out whether I should keep that item or not. Then, once I’ve got a (embarrassingly large) pile of unwanted clothes, it’s time to get selling. While I do give some clothes to charity shops or friends, being self-employed and living the tough life of an author, I need to generate income where I can. eBay is my usual haunt, but man does it take ages to go through the detailed forms for each item! Plus, I’ve had so many issues with difficult buyers.  So when French-based platform Vinted got in touch and asked me to trial their service, I was definitely up for a change.

Vinted is a great social shopping site where users can sell, buy and even swap their fashion goodies, as well as being able to connect with other users and chat about whatever takes their fancy on the forum. Vinted has just launched in the UK, so I’ve only been using it for a few days, but I’m loving what I’ve seen of it so far. Super intuitive design, quick, easy forms when uploading items, and a real emphasis on the social aspects of fashion and shopping. They also have a free app (for iPhone and Android), which makes it even easier to pop your pieces up straight from your phone. Check out my items here, and take a look round the site to see what you think. If you’re also doing a spring clean, it’s definitely worth a go 🙂 x

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