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In celebration of Organic Beauty Week, I’m sharing a little trip Callum and I made down to Hereford this summer to visit the HQ one of my favourite skin care brands, Herbfarmacy. I mentioned their amazing cleansing mousse in my last beauty post, but they have so many more brilliant products and such a fabulous heritage and story that I wanted to write a dedicated feature for you guys. Since providence is such an important part of organic skincare, it was such a treat to see where the herbs in my favourite products are grown – not to mention the farm itself is absolutely beautiful! So come dance through the mullein with me (that’s those big yellow plants!) to learn more about organic skincare and Herbfarmacy …

Girl in the Lens X HerbfarmacyGirl in the Lens X HerbfarmacyGirl in the Lens X HerbfarmacyGirl in the Lens X Herbfarmacy

Nestled in the gorgeous Herefordshire countryside, Herbfarmacy’s farm is a sanctuary of calm and colour. Driving up through the winding roads, leafy boughs overhead and the sound of birds all around, it’s impossible not to feel a sense of relaxation overtake you – and then you enter the farm itself and are greeted by this beautiful, sweeping view! It’s the perfect mix of revitalising and soothing – just like Herbfarmacy’s products themselves.

The brand’s founder Paul was there to greet us (with fresh treats from the local farmer’s market!). Having run the farm for over 30 years, Paul is just so passionate and knowledgable about his brand – and natural skincare in general. You can tell by the way he talks about the different plants as we wander through his colourful farm that he believes wholeheartedly in the benefits of organically-sourced, well-cared for ingredients. This ethos is at the heart of everything Herbfarmacy do. They were the first UK company to grow and process the herbs to make their skincare products on site, and Paul’s background as a botanist brings his exceptional knowledge of the healing properties of herbs to each and every one of their products.

Girl in the Lens X HerbfarmacyGirl in the Lens X HerbfarmacyGirl in the Lens X HerbfarmacyGirl in the Lens X Herbfarmacy

After exploring the beautiful farm (how stunning are those colours!), we hopped into the labs to have a go at making a batch of their best-selling Mallow Beauty Balm! Herbfarmacy’s balms are such a great all-around skincare product. There are so many different ways you can use them, from nourishing night-masks to cleansing and moisturising. In the mornings I just rub a little balm between my fingers to warm it up and then work it into my skin, before gently wiping any excess away with a damp muslin cloth. I follow with a few spritzes of the Rose and Echinacea toner (also a lovely pick me up for when your skin is feeling a little dull in the middle of the day!) and then a light coverage of the Balancing Face Cream.

I’m so glad that there’s now a bigger spotlight on organic skincare. As someone who’s suffered from sensitive, troublesome skin my whole life, it’s always been high on my agenda to seek out the most caring, natural products for my face and body. I think it’s easy to forget that the skin is an organ – it needs the same TLC that you show your insides! And organic doesn’t have to mean expensive. Of course you’ll pay a little more for fresh, well-sourced ingredients, but the great thing is that products with natural plants and oils tend to be super potent, so a little goes a long way.

Girl in the Lens X HerbfarmacyGirl in the Lens X HerbfarmacyGirl in the Lens X HerbfarmacyGirl in the Lens X Herbfarmacy

With Organic Beauty Week, now is the perfect time to explore organic skincare. Just make sure to #lookforthelogo – the Soil Association stamp of approval tells you which products are truly organic. Of course, you’ll see the logo on every one of Herbfarmacy’s products! Learn more about Organic Beauty Week and the Soil Association here and discover the full Herbfarmacy range here.

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