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And so another year passes. In what seems to be the pattern of late, I’m bringing this post to you a whole month on, 2017 already slipping by so fast it’s difficult to grasp. I’m not sure when the years started to turn like this; quick, like pages of a book, whole lifetimes and experiences and worlds of thought compressed into lines of ink on paper, light enough for a thumb to flick past. Maybe it’s Being an Adult. Maybe it’s just life, settling, weeks and days and months taking on a familiar flow. Whatever it is, last year was another one that flew by, and it feels like only now I’m able to stop and catch my breath.

2016 was difficult. Really difficult. Emotionally, physically, and work-wise … it was just tough all around. I won’t lie – I’m super glad to see the back of it. But at the same time I know the changes made last year are important ones that will shape everything to come. And I really feel as though so many good things are around the corner. There’s a bit of magic in 2017 guys, I can just tell.

So – a BIG thank you to all of you who kept with us last year! I know Callum and I didn’t post all that much (10 posts?! Ack!!). We’ve always wanted to keep the blog as genuine as possible, and so forcing the content when we didn’t have the energy or drive wouldn’t have been right. But everything that went on last year just showed us that we have to adapt the blog in order to fit with our lives, not the other way round, to keep producing content we love – and that we hope you will love!

What this means is that over the next few months you can expect a fresh new look for the blog, new and diverse content, and more of an insight into what I get up to when I’m not In the Lens. As some of you know from here and my Instagram, outside of blogging I’m a yoga teacher and published author, and I’d love to share more from these aspects of my life with you guys (there’s a little hint as to what I’ve been working on recently book-wise in the photo above… more details hopefully coming soon!).

Travelling is also a big love for both of us, so we’d love to bring you more content on that front, from sunny trips abroad to weekend staycations in London. I recently had a 1-night hideaway in the gorgeous Citizen M Tower Hill (highly recommend if you’re looking for a cool place to stay in London – they have the comfiest beds ever!) and it reminded how sometimes all you need is a short pause to reconnect with yourself and what you really want from life. When you work for yourself, it’s easy to fall into a routine where downtime and daydreams doesn’t really play a part. But breathing space – for your mind, your relationships, your work, your body – is so important, so just a friendly reminder to always take the time to let your soul rest and reset.

On that note, here’s to an amazing 2017 sweethearts! Wishing you the most beautiful of starts to what I feel is going to be a brilliant year x

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