Deadly Ponies Mr Safari Hobo Bag


I’ve been on the hunt for a slouchy, fur-trimmed bag and think I may have found it in this Deadly Ponies beauty. I am in love with the detailing and how it all comes together so effortlessly. This bag is pretty trans-seasonal too – it would be great in winter […]

Balenciaga Bags


Balenciaga bags are very high on my ‘when I’m rich I’ll buy this’ list. A girl can dream. They are such practical but beautiful things, and I like their colour palettes. I’m a sucker for blue and black bags, so these three are my current favourites.


Matt & Nat Vegan Bags


Yup, it’s bags again! I do have a bit of a bag fetish. With so many bits and bobs to carry around with me all the time, bags are a necessity, but they can be both practical and very, very beautiful. These ones from Vegan designer Matt & Nat are […]

Urban Outfitters Bags – Which One to Pick?

source: Urban Outfitters

I have a quandary. I am craving a new bag and love Urban Outfitters‘ affordable but ever-so-stylish range, but I can’t decide between these three! Do I get the Collina Strada Alea Canvas Bag, which is quirky and modern, the Suede Messenger Bag, which is such a delicious […]