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I think I’ll always be a country girl at heart. As much as I love the city, heaven to me sounds like long country walks, curling up with a book and my boy by a river somewhere, and watching the sun set over golden fields. These fields are just a short walk from my parent’s house, and they hold a special place in my heart. They’re the place I go to since young to dream, write and just breathe. I’m so happy with how these photos turned out. A Self-Portrait dress was the perfect choice for this shoot as their pieces – though just as fitting worn with sleek heels and impeccable makeup – have a sense of whimsy and romanticism to them, and that’s what we wanted to capture. I hope you like the photos as much as we do! It’s such a privilege seeing Callum’s photography evolve with every shoot, he’s really growing confident with creating different atmospheres and moods!  

Read on to find out how this beautiful dress came into my life … 

Girl in the Lens Girl in the Lens Girl in the Lens Girl in the LensGirl in the LensGirl in the LensGirl in the LensGirl in the LensGirl in the LensGirl in the Lens


I’ve wanted to treat myself to a Self-Portrait dress for a long time, but have been waiting for the perfect one to come along. So when this one popped up on my Lyst feed, I knew it had to be mine! If you haven’t heard of them, Lyst is an awesome shopping website – and now app – that in my opinion is one of the best there is. Fashion apps are a plenty, but Lyst has some great features that make it stand out from the crowd. You can do the usual searching and browsing for items across your favourite brands, but you can also follow them to keep track of new releases and get inspired by other user’s feeds. And if you see something you like but it’s too expensive, just flag it – and Lyst will let you know if it goes on sale, or if it’s selling out. Super useful! There are many a designer bag I’m keeping tabs on this way. I also like how Lyst learns as you use it, so it can recommend you brands and products it thinks you’ll love. It’s a great way to discover new labels.

Be sure to take a look at Lyst and sign up if you like what you see! I’m sure you’ll find it just as addictive as I do..

Happy Wednesday sweethearts! x

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*This is a brand collaboration post sponsored by Lyst*

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