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A few weeks ago I got to shoot with the super-cool Ian Derry for Wonderbra, showing off their gorgeous new Ultimate Lace Strapless Bra and the ways it helps you style up your outfits. As I’m sure many of you ladies will know, finding a strapless bra that actually works is one of Life’s Great Mysteries. Most of my previous experiences haven’t been great – I’m talking unnatural cup shapes, chafing, lots of slip-and-slide action, you name it. Thankfully Wonderbra have not only perfected their strapless solution, but they’ve created a beautiful design too that you’ll feel just as minxy in as your lovely pair will feel safe. As they say, happy breasts, happy girl! (They do say that, right..?). Their updated version of the Ultimate Strapless keeps the patented Hand Support Technology that gives you great support and lift, as well as featuring silicone dots along the back of the bra for breathability and flexibility. Ace!

In these photos I’m wearing the lace version in black – how beautiful is the detailing on this bad boy! – and a plain nude style under my shirt. I love the sexy feeling you get from wearing a sheer shirt but it can be a struggle to get the balance right. Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t want too much on show, especially during the day. A little hint is all that’s needed. Ultimate Strapless is the perfect nude shade to be almost invisible under a sheer top, just adding a touch of subtle sexiness. And no slip-and-slide issues here. With the right fit, your bra should stay put all day – and night! – long. A few more styling tips for sheer shirts.. tuck in if you’ve got high-waisted bottoms on to accentuate your waist and make those gorgeous legs look super long, or wear untucked over leather leggings or skinny jeans for a cool, effortless look. I like to keep accessories minimal too since the sheerness is a stand-out detail in itself.

Shop the Ultimate Strapless here. The new and improved styles have just landed, perfect timing with party season just around the corner! x

Girl in the Lens X WonderbraGirl in the Lens X WonderbraGirl in the Lens X Wonderbra

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