Fashion | Wonderbra’s Ultimate Strapless


A few weeks ago I got to shoot with the super-cool Ian Derry for Wonderbra, showing off their gorgeous new Ultimate Lace Strapless Bra and the ways it helps you style up your outfits. As I’m sure many of you ladies will know, finding a […]

Outfits | Switch Up Your Style


Floaty layering is something I’ve always admired but never tried, so when Braun challenged me to be brave and play with something new for their 30 Days of Switch Up Your Style this September, I knew it was time to give it a go! […]

Outfits | Off and Over


An off-shoulder jumper dress and over-the-knee boots is my new go-to combination after discovering this little pairing last weekend. These are my first pair of over-the-knees, and I have to say I’m a convert! Not only are they great for keeping your pins warm in […]

Outfits | All About Denim with Forever 21


Denim is always there: a staple, a wardrobe must-have, something we all have a lot of in our closets. And yet, like things that are always there for us – hot water, the stars and the moon, our better half – it’s easy to take for granted. […]

Girl in the Lens Meets: Mr. Boy


It’s been three years working on the blog now, and even though it’s still such a passion of mine, such a joy to share my little corner of the web with you all, it does sometimes get to the point where it’s tough to stay feeling […]