Fashion | It’s A Wrap


This summer has been all about floaty floral dresses. Fashion-wise, I mean. In other areas of life it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions and my craziest work schedule yet, but as long as I’m wearing something light and pretty I’m able to breeze through all the […]

Fashion | Chinatown Sunset


London weekends recently: Soho, shopping, sushi, coffee-shop stops, Instagramming, talks about life, the universe and everything. Tired feet and happy hearts. It’s been a creative, inspiring time recently. I had a whole post written but accidentally deleted it so now it’s just a quick one to […]

Fashion | Greyscale


Leggings – when did they become acceptable as an everyday fashion choice? I remember when they were becoming popular again and I vowed I’d never wear them out of the house. VPL! More tights than trousers! I love jeans too much! Every fashion magazine was lamenting their […]

Fashion | 70’s Baby


*HAPPY NEW YEAR MY LITTLE SUGARCUBES!* If you can’t tell, I’m rather excited about the start of 2016! While every day should be an opportunity for a fresh start, there’s something satisfying narratively about the blank slate a new year offers – like the fresh, […]

Outfits | Switch Up Your Style


Floaty layering is something I’ve always admired but never tried, so when Braun challenged me to be brave and play with something new for their 30 Days of Switch Up Your Style this September, I knew it was time to give it a go! […]