Boyfriend Shirt

Checked boyfriend shirtshirt: Uniqlo (menswear), cuff: c/o Mi Lajki at Nelly

A checked boyfriend shirt – perfect lazy morning gear. Sometimes I buy shirts from the men’s department just for the loose fit and thicker material, but this one is actually one of my boyfriend’s. I don’t live with Callum, I was just visiting for a couple of days – he’s finishing off his masters in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial in London (clever boy) and I’m currently still at home with the parents. But hopefully once he starts work we’ll be able to find a place of our own. Then I can raid his wardrobe ALL THE TIME! Mwahahaha 😉

We had fun editing this picture – added some colours to create that hazy Sunday morning feel. Do you like it? We want to play around with our photos like this a bit more, it’s fun to get a bit more creative!

Do you buy from the menswear department/steal your boyfriend’s clothes? 

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