Black Leather Backpacks

Black backpacks

1. Steve Mono Paul

2. ALDO Topor

3. ALDO Tortoriello

Three of my favourite words in the English language: black leather backpacks. I wear my trusty one from Topshop ALL THE TIME (you might have seen it in outfits posts here and here)Β Β and so am now on a hunt for a new one. If I had endless money, I would definitely get the gorgeous Steve Mono one. But I don’t (sob!) so the cheaper alternatives from ALDO are a good bet. I think the silver studs of ALDO’s Tortoriello bag are really cool and not as tacky as gold studs can be, so that’s probably my favourite. I love how easy backpacks are to wear – you can sling them over one shoulder to use them as a normal bag, but when your shoulders starts to ache (if you stuff as much into your bags as I do mine you’ll know what I mean!) you can slip it onto both shoulders and carry on pain free. See? Whoever said fashion can’t be painless …

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