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Here’s a little secret. You know when you’ve having one of those days when everything is just going wrong, and you’re feeling rather crappy? Yes, scoffing a load of chocolate, crisps and popcorns really helps, but here’s what I do – I put on some hot little undies! THEN I scoff a load of chocolate, crisps and popcorns. For some reason, some sexy knicks really make you feel a load better about yourself. Try it next time you’re feeling down! I promise you it works. I’m having one of those myself today, and my Buzz Lightyear pants are definitely cheering me up no end 😉

These are the lingerie pieces I’m currently lusting after. As you can see, I’m a big fan of colourful underwear! If you’ve followed Girl in the Lens for a while, you’ll know I’m a big fan of coloured clothing in general – it’s such an instant mood booster. With lingerie, I also love pieces with lots of personality, that a bit cheeky and playful. My go-to sites for cute undies are definitely Topshop (they have the most fun little pants ever, like the Cowboys and Indians one in this post) and Gilly Hicks. Gilly is a recent find of mine, after getting a voucher to spend in their Regent Street store. I did buy a couple of tees but the rest was all underwear (I’ll show you a haul on the blog soon), and they just have the most gorgeous colours and playful prints, and are so affordable too. I’ve also recently discovered Uniprice (a kind of global shopping portal great for price comparison). They have an awesome lingerie section that I’ve been using to find the best prices for my current wants, so you never have to pay more than you need to!

Which undies are on your lust wishlist? x

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