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dress: New Look | necklace: c/o Love Hearts and Crosses | food + drink: c/o Waitrose

Life this last year has been a complete whirlwind. Callum started his big new job in the city, I’ve been juggling writing with other jobs to try and stay afloat, and we’ve both spent every weekend and evening working on the blog, keeping up the posts and making sure it’s the best it can be – for you guys, of course, and for ourselves. It’s been super tough. Brilliant and exciting and challenging in all the best ways too, for sure … but it has been hard on us. That’s why we feel blessed to have so many people in our lives who’ve really supported us and made a tough year that much more manageable. Our friends and family are just the best and we’re grateful for everything they’ve done for us, no matter how big or small, but two people in particular have been extra amazing – my mum and dad.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank them enough for all the things they’ve done for me and Callum. They’ve helped us so much with the move into our new flat. The first night we stayed here, dad and Callum were up past midnight putting together our Ikea bed, while mum was busy cleaning and baking an apple strudel that made the whole place smell like heaven. They kitted us out with the gorgeous green sofa and wooden dining table you can spot in the photos above, along with a million other miscellaneous things you forget you need when you move. They still receive all our blog packages because we don’t have space here. They help me with money when they know I’m struggling, without me ever having to ask. Mum brings round home-cooked food when I’m ill, Dad sews my clothes when they get holes, and they’re both just there for me, all the time, even if it’s just a chat and a hug after a long day.

Alright – gush over! I’m sure they’re thoroughly embarrassed by now. The point to all of this is that Waitrose got in touch recently about helping us throw a surprise champagne celebration as a thank you to someone special in our lives. Throughout January, Waitrose have been holding their super sweet ‘thank you’ campaign, giving a complimentary bottle of champagne to their online customers with every single order. With the help of a voucher to spend at our local Waitrose store and our own bottle of bubbly, Callum and I were also able to share the love and hold a little evening to thank my parents for everything they’ve done for us.

We had such a fun time, laughing and chatting and drinking away into the small hours. Callum and I used our Waitrose voucher to buy a thank-you card for my parents and create a party food feast of Chinese bites and dim-sum – including the addition of some super tasty sticky-rice parcels made by Callum’s mum (big thank you to Callum’s parents too for all the support they’ve given us in the past year as well. They’ve also been amazing). As always, I was super rushed getting ready and left it to five minutes before my parents arrived, just managing to quickly pop on an easy little bodycon dress from New Look (£14.99, bargain!) and this super sweet origami necklace. I think my parents definitely out-styled me here though – look at my dad chilling in his asymmetric-patterned shirt and my mum with her preppy-chic style. 

So there it is. A perfect little evening that I hope let my parents see just how grateful Callum and I are for everything they’ve done for us recently. It was so nice to be able to take the time out to treat them for once, instead of the other way round. Now we’ve got our own place, I’m hoping there’ll be many more times like this with our friends and family. There’s nothing quite like a cosy night in full of laughter, good food and friends x

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