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Swagger, confidence, bounce – some outfits just give you that feeling, where it seems as though you can slink into any room and just stride through it with a smile on your lips and happiness in your heart. It’s like this when I’m wearing my favourite pair of leather leggings (it will be a sad day when I’ve finally worn them out). They’re my go-to piece to feel ultra sexy and confident. Paired with heels and my floaty tartan duster coat I definitely spent this day with a little extra stride in my steps …

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coat: c/o Boohoo | jumper: ASOS | leggings: ASOS | heels: New Look | watch: Shore Projects c/o Twisted Time

There’s a little less striding going on today as I write this post with a very happy (and even fuller) belly from the comfort of my onesie at home. The flat has been beautiful these last few days, the bright winter sunshine pouring in from a cloudless sky and tricking me into forgetting just how cold it is outside. I always find there’s something magic in the air after Christmas before the new year hits. Maybe it’s because it’s always a reflective time for me, thinking back on the year we’re about to leave and ahead to the one that’s soon to start. I’ll be honest: these past few months haven’t been easy for me. I’ve struggled balancing travel, blogging, writing, the never-ending admin work of being self-employed, health and all the social activities in the run up to Christmas, and when the winter holidays began it was like my body and mind just completely checked out. It’s reminded me how important it is to look after not just your body but your mind – it needs a time-out too every once in a while! 

I’ll share a few more intimate thoughts and feelings about the year just passed, as well as the one to come, in my next post. But for now rest is calling me again, for just one more day or two of total relaxed bliss enjoying long winter walks, snuggling up with a book in bed, candlelit baths, two-hour long yoga sessions, dreaming of scenes to write for new book, and best of all – time with my family and friends.

Wishing you time too to just check-out every once in a while, and enjoy the beauty of each little moment. Happy holidays sweethearts! See you in 2015! x

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