Fashion | Wonderbra’s Ultimate Strapless


A few weeks ago I got to shoot with the super-cool Ian Derry for Wonderbra, showing off their gorgeous new Ultimate Lace Strapless Bra and the ways it helps you style up your outfits. As I’m sure many of you ladies will know, finding a […]

Outfits | Marble Palace


This is of course the Rosewood London and not an actual marble palace – but that’s just what their beautiful white staircase feels like! I channelled my inner princess as we took some snaps and got lost in daydreams of gowns and endless cake (because my […]

Outfits | Bonneville


Some photoshoots are planned down to a t, and some seem to fall together at the last minute so elegantly we can’t believe our luck. This shoot with Triumph Motorcycles to celebrate the launch of their gorgeous limited edition Bonneville T214 was definitely one of the latter. […]

Outfits | Metamorphosis


dress: ASOS

I usually keep this blog fairly light on personal thoughts and feelings. I prefer to let Callum’s beautiful photos take centre stage, and am genuinely surprised (and pleased!) when some of you make references to what I wrote in the post […]