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… In both the literal and metaphorical sense. I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last posted! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know I’ve been deep in first draft territory working on my new book. It’s my favourite part of the writing process – there’s something magical about seeing this world that up until now has only been in your head evolving on the page, lacing a blank white screen with lines of words. But it’s also the most intense part of writing for me, because I have to stay in that headspace for months to get it done, and so blogging – and life in general – has had to take a back seat. But the last few weeks I’ve been slowly emerging from that writing haze as I approach the end of the book. The last words are so close now I can almost taste them! And I’ve popped the champagne (*cough* who am I kidding – chocolate) in the fridge to get cooling for when I’m done.

And speaking of washed out in the physical sense, I’m always drawn to pastels and faded tones during transitional seasons. It’s not quite yet warm enough to be going sans-jumper, but I do love the pairing of a knit, jeans and heels so I can’t complain! Wearing in my new American Eagle jeans to get that authentic loose American fit but keeping it structured with my perfect new boots from Forever 21. Hope you like the outfit sweethearts and I’ll be sure to get posting more once writing calms down a bit. Kisses! x

Girl in the LensGirl in the LensGirl in the LensGirl in the LensGirl in the LensGirl in the LensGirl in the LensGirl in the LensGirl in the LensGirl in the LensGirl in the Lens

jumper: c/o Hallhuber | jeans: c/o American Eagle | boots: Forever 21 | bag: Topshop

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Outfits | All About Denim with Forever 21

Girl in the Lens


Denim is always there: a staple, a wardrobe must-have, something we all have a lot of in our closets. And yet, like things that are always there for us – hot water, the stars and the moon, our better half – it’s easy to take for granted. Denim doesn’t just have to be a background piece, a foundation for more interesting items. It can be the star of the show too! That’s what Forever 21′s latest campaign #allaboutdenim is for – to celebrate our simple wardrobe hero. To give you some inspiration on how to up your denim ante, I teamed up with my blogger bestie Toni from Fashitects for an editorial shoot with three different denim looks. If you know Toni’s blog (and you should, it’s gorgeous) he’s rarely out of a suit, so styling denim looks with him was a chance for us to both get him into more casual attire as well as demonstrate that denim can be smart too.

Hope you like the editorial beauties! Our photographer was the super-talented Bon, who was so much fun to shoot with even though we only had an hour to get the shots done and were practically running around half-dressed on one of the coldest days of the year, brr! If we’ve inspired you to get creative with your denim, be sure to check out Forever 21 for the pieces we’re wearing in the shoot and much more denim goodness. And head on over to Fashitects for more photos from the shoot! x

Girl in the Lens and FashitectsGirl in the Lens denim outfitGirl in the Lens X FashitectsForever 21 #allaboutdenimGirl in the Lens Girl in the Lens London fashion bloggersLondon street style

shop denim at Forever 21

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Outfits | Coffee Break

Street style


Coffee, crisp air and cosy clothes – it’s what wintry weekends are all about. Though I’m ready for for some warmer weather to arrive (I was ready before summer even ended last year haha ..!) one of the things I love best about winter is getting to wear coats and jumpers every day. I get my hibernation mode on and pretty much live in the grey vintage jumper I’m wearing in these shots. You probably wouldn’t guess but this jumper is actually one of my most treasured possessions – my mum wore it when she was pregnant with me and looking after me as a baby, which is maybe why I always feel so comforted as soon as I pull it on, as though I’m cosying up in something so filled with love. It’s a precious thought.

Newer pieces I’m wearing here and quickly falling in love with are my tartan coat from Forever 21 (I’ve sworn by Forever 21 this winter season, so impressed with their range and on-point styles, and hope it’ll be the same with their new season collections) and slinky leather-look jeans from 7 For All Mankind. If like me you’ve been hunting for a pair, you can shop mine from Repertoire Fashion in their winter sale. I’ve been loving the super low waist after what feels like an eternity living in high-waisted jeans. My bellybutton has been freed! x

Girl in the Lens St Albans Abbey, Hertfordshire, UKGirl in the LensGirl in the LensGirl in the LensLeather look jeansBlogger street style

coat: Forever 21 | jumper: vintage | trousers: c/o 7 For All Mankind c/o Repertoire Fashion | boots: c/o Jones Bootmaker

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Outfits | Bonneville

Girl in the Lens


Some photoshoots are planned down to a t, and some seem to fall together at the last minute so elegantly we can’t believe our luck. This shoot with Triumph Motorcycles to celebrate the launch of their gorgeous limited edition Bonneville T214 was definitely one of the latter. Due to a severe weather warning we only had a tiny window of opportunity. We hadn’t even scouted out any locations, the light was fading fast (oh winter, you make it so hard to blog) and we were stuck in traffic on our way up to Leicester where our friend was waiting with the bike. I was prepared for the shoot to be a disaster. But then, as it sometimes inexplicably does, everything just fell into alignment.

As we arrived the clouds broke along the horizon, letting in a warm rush of beautiful orange-pink light, and just round the corner from where our friend was parked we discovered this magical little road, deserted, hidden by a thick bank of trees, and curving mysteriously into the distance under the rush of the pink sky. It seriously felt like a borrowed moment from another world. Since we only had a short timeframe to get the shots we couldn’t be too fussy about getting every camera setting and pose just so, but I kind of like that spontaneous style of shooting. It felt more creative, and reminded us why we started this blog in the first place – to experiment, to broaden our creative skills, and – most importantly – have fun.

Speaking of having fun, Callum and I got a chance to ride pillion and now are super keen on learning how to ride ourselves! There’s just something so free about being on the back of a motorbike. Yes it’s a little scary when you go so fast you start being pushed back in the seat, and yes I did have to ask my friend to take the turns slower to begin with because tilting towards oncoming traffic needed a bit of getting used to! But it was exhilarating – I love the fact that you experience the world around you as you travel. Who knows, perhaps by the end of this year Callum and I will have our own bikes too! And yes, don’t worry, I’ll make sure to swap the heels for a proper pair of motorcycle boots …

Girl in the Lens Girl in the Lens Triumph MotorbikesBarbour biker jacket  Girl in the LensBiker girlEnglish countryside Barbour International jacketGirl in the Lens Motorbike photoLeather leggings and heelsLeather leggings street styleFemale bikerGirl in the Lens

jacket: c/o Barbour via John Lewis | leggings: c/o Marc Cain | heels: ASOS

A very big thanks to Triumph for lending us this beautiful bike to shoot with. The Bonneville T214 Limited Edition launched this year with a production run of just 1000 bikes worldwide. You can find more information on Triumph Motorcycles on their website.

Have a great week sweethearts! x

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Outfits | Battles

Girl in the Lens


I’ve already wished you a very happy new year on Instagram, but there’s no harm in doing it one more time! Especially since my resolutions this year – which I’ve broken into two halves: things to do less, and things to do more – include being extra positive and being sure to compliment others and see the good in all situations. Basically just sending out happy vibes all around! Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I’m going to be constantly smiling like some sort of crazy (though hopefully fashionable) clown. There will always be situations you struggle to smile though. But the thing I really came to terns with last year is that we all experience those situations. It’s a part of human nature to love and to lose. We can’t always control the things we’ll go through, but we do have some control over how we respond to them. So my number one take from some difficult situations over the past few years is to try to respond as much as I can to whatever the world throws at me with positivity and kindness.

There’s a quote I found on Pinterest (of course), which goes something like, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting battles you know nothing about”. While the internet can often be a very negative place, it also has the wonderful ability to connect people from all over the world. People like me and you, who don’t know each other but can still reach out and talk through our keyboards, share happy moments from our lives on places like Instagram and Twitter. I’ve made a lot of friends through blogging, from those that I’ve met in real life to those I only talk to online but still have an amazing connection with. When I say I’m ill (as I have been this month, hence the belated new year’s post), so many of you reach out to wish me better. It’s little acts of kindness like that which make so much difference.

This year, I’d like to take inspiration from you to do the same, just being as kind and positive I can be towards others – as well as myself. And then maybe, rather than facing our battles alone, we’re a little comforted knowing we’ve got a few brave warriors on our side.

Girl in the LensGirl in the Lens

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