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Girl in the Lens | Weekend WorkingGirl in the Lens | Aspinal of London

notebook and bag tidy: c/o Aspinal of London | nail polishes: c/o Jacava | watch: c/o Daniel Wellington

Saturday and Sunday mornings are a quiet time for me and Callum, where we can rest after our busy weeks and catch up on our blog work. I often need to do a little desk tidy too since it can get rather cluttered during the week (that saying about ‘cluttered desk, cluttered mind’? So true!). It sounds silly but having a clean desk prettied with a few lovely things can really make a difference. Splashes of colour are great energy boosters too! That’s why I love having a few nail polishes out, especially when the bottles are as gorgeous as these polishes from Jacava. And a beautiful notebook is an absolute desk essential – I can’t help but feel inspired with this stunning leather one from Aspinal of London. I love that it’s embossed with my writer’s initials! They might seem a little pricey at £65 but are very much worth it for the quality, and since they’re refillable it’s something you can treasure forever.

A few weeks ago I told you guys about my top wardrobe clear out tips and that I was trailing online selling platform Vinted after getting more and more frustrated with eBay. Well now I’ve been using it a while I am checking in with my thoughts! Being completely honest, I didn’t have the highest hopes. Perhaps it’s just because eBay is so established it’s difficult to imagine using any other site. But I have been so pleasantly surprised by how great my experience on Vinted has been! Listing items couldn’t be easier – the form is quick, cute and intuitive, really streamlining the process of inputting product details. It took me just a few minutes to upload all ten of my items. And instead of a bidding system you just list an asking price, allowing buyers to either purchase straight away or haggle. You can even swap items with other users or give things away for free. I haven’t tried either of those methods yet, but it’s great to have options. I also just like the way product pages look. It’s easy to see all the details at first glance and the photos are nice and big.

The selling process is super easy too. The comments system is a great idea, making interactions between sellers and buyers much more transparent, and the whole community of Vinted just feels so welcoming and friendly. They even have a forum area where you can discuss your items – and just life in general! Given that I’ve only been using the site for less than a month I’m pretty chuffed that I’ve already sold half my items. I haven’t had any problems with the difficult buyers or unjust negative feedback issues I had with eBay, and I can keep up to date with messages and details about my sales through the free app for iPhone and Android. Buying has also been an easy process. Simply use the search system to find pieces from your favourite brands and follow your favourite sellers to make sure you’re updated on all their new items.

If you’re trying the site for yourself, do send me the links to your profiles so I can get following! And you can take a look at my items here to see if there’s anything you fancy. All in all, I’m super impressed with Vinted. This is true social shopping, with a fresh, intuitive design that makes using it both practical and enjoyable. A win all around :) x

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Outfits | Print Playsuit and Double Ankle Strap Heels

Girl in the Lens | Motel playsuit


Girl in the Lens | UK fashion bloggerGirl in the Lens | fashion blogGirl in the Lens | ankle strap heelsGirl in the Lens | Motel playsuit and ankle strap heelsGirl in the Lens Girl in the Lens | street style

playsuit: c/o Motel | heels: c/o Glamorous | watch: c/o Guess

Summer dreaming on a rare warm spring evening in my Motel playsuit - the ultimate holiday piece if I ever saw one. Hopefully when I wear it in Ibiza in a month’s time I’ll have a tan to match! Switch from wearing with high-top Converse in the day to a pair of your most sexy black heels and a splash of red lipgloss for a slinky evening look. Ah, the sun’s already got me longing for nights on the beach with a cocktail and my gorgeous man to cosy up to. Ibiza trip, hurry up please! 

P.S. Happy Easter my loves :) hope you have also spent your day so far lazing in PJS and scoffing many a chocoalte egg … x

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Outfits | Lace Cut Out Top and Leather Leggings

Girl in the Lens | street style


Girl in the Lens | fashion blogGirl in the Lens Girl in the Lens | street styleOmbre hair Girl in the Lens | fashion bloggerLace cut out top and leather leggingsLeather leggings and white cut out topGirl in the Lens | fashion blogger

top and bag: c/o Hobbs | leggings: Hearts and Bows via ASOS | boots: H by Hudson c/o The Dressing Room | necklace: Free People

Well what a surprise, the lovely spring weather has revealed itself to be a tease and slipped away, leaving us once more with rain and chilled air and grey skies. But us Brits should expect nothing less! Luckily I’d not yet shifted my wardrobe entirely from spring to summer so still have some pieces for this annoying transitional weather. Leather leggings are an essential – light and cooling, but still warm enough if there’s a breeze out. It’s tough to find ones that aren’t too see-through though. I’ve had my ones from Hearts and Bows for a while now so unfortunately they’re sold out. Holla if you know of any other good ones as I’m always on the lookout for more!

There’s something super chic about leather leggings with with a pretty top and boots – and tops don’t come much prettier than my one here from Hobbs! It’s actually categorised as occasion wear, but I think it’s got a great boho vibe too that’s makes it perfect for a more sophisticated day look with leggings or jeans. You know when you get a piece and know it’s going to be a staple in your wardrobe for life? That’s what I got with this. I love the top’s intricate cut-out detail, and the length of the sleeves is just perfect. It billows out at the back too, so I can’t wait for sunny summer days to float around in it and feel like a boho princess ;) x

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Events | Divergent European Premiere

Divergent premiere Leicester Square London


Girl in the Lens Girl in the Lens | lifestyle blogDivergent premiereDivergent premiere LondonDivergent premiereGirl in the Lens | Divergent premiere Divergent cast Girl in the Lens | lifestyle blogGirl in the Lens | Divergent cast

dress: Three Floor | shoes: Zara

Walking the red carpet at a film premiere has always been a dream of mine. I went through Leicester Square so many times on the way back from work when I lived in London while premieres were going on, but never thought I’d actually get to be at one myself (unless we’re counting the time I accidentally walked onto the red carpet during the Inbetweeners Movie premiere, bumped into Simon Bird and was promptly chased off by security guards). Luckily, at the Divergent premiere last weekend there was no accidentally walking on and the security guards happily let Callum and I through – because we had tickets! Eee!

To be honest, it was quite different to how I imagined it to be. There was a lot of queuing for starters, and then ticket holders walked the carpet from a different end to the cast and celebrities, so there was no papping or fans screaming out for my autograph (though a few did watch me oddly as Callum took a few snaps of my dress). We were also ushered into the cinema pretty quickly so didn’t get to take as many photos as we would have liked, or get close to the stars. Still, I managed to get a good gawk at Shailene Woodley, who is my newest girlcrush (those eyes! That smile!) and then we settled into our seats and waited for the cast to arrive. After a quick intro, it was on to watching the film – which was amazing! Lots of kick ass action and some super hot tension between Shailene and her leading man Theo James. I loved the soundtrack too. Divergent is out in cinemas nationwide TODAY so check out the trailer to see if it looks like your kind of movie.

One of the nicest things about having this premiere as my first red carpet experience (she says, as if there’ll be more) is that Divergent is based on a series of books written by Veronica Roth, a fellow young adult author. I did get a little emotional on her behalf at the thought of how she’d be feeling at seeing her words brought to life, especially with such an amazing cast. I mean, Kate Winslet – Kate Winslet! – is playing one of her characters. I can’t imagine how incredible that feels. Writing is always my first and foremost priority, and I feel so privileged to be able to do it as my job, but of course it would be amazing to have a film made out of one them too. Hey, a girl can dream … ;) x

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Outfits | Pastel Pink Coat and Jeans

Girl in the Lens


Girl in the Lens | fashion blogGirl in the Lens Girl in the Lens | Pastel outfit Girl in the Lens Girl in the Lens | street style blogGirl in the Lens Girl in the Lens | fashion and lifestyle blogGirl in the Lens | breton stripe top and pastel coat and jeans

top: H&M | jeans: SIWY c/o Jeanography | coat: c/o Miss Patina | bag: Fiorelli | shoes: Primark

A pink coat has been on my wishlist for months now, and finally I have one! My pastel cravings are very much satisfied. It’s this beauty from Miss Patina - I love the menwear-inspired shape and the retro buttons, something a little different from the other pink coats I’ve been seeing around. The blazer style also adds a preppy edge. Of course, when you’re wearing a pink coat you must also wear pink somethingelse to fully revel in the pinkness (it’s basically the law) so I popped on my SIWY skinnies and a breton top – breton and pink, another match made in heaven.

P.S. I only realised afterwards while putting this post together than even my nails are pink too. Total coincidence, I promise! x

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