Silver Dresses

Silver foil batwing dress

Silver cut sleeve dress


Most people want sequins and silver for parties, but to be honest I love the idea of silver dresses in the daytime. With an oversized jumper or man-cardi they’re the epitome of casual, easy sexiness with a boyish vibe (a la Rumi of Fashiontoast – who else?). It’s the kind of thing that works for places like New York though, I’m not sure the streets of London would appreciate my subverted eveningwear and people might mistake me for a hooker. BUT it’s still a cool look and I wanna rock it out sometime in the warmer months.

These three dresses are from Nasty Gal. Not sure where to find other silver dresses – let me know if you know a good place. I really need to stop featuring Nasty Gal or people are gonna think they pay me (they don’t), but their styling is just too good.

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