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Hairdressing photographs

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Big confession: I don’t like getting my hair cut. There’s something about sitting in a chair for ages as a stranger tries to make small-talk with you whilst also holding a pair of scissors so close to your face that I’ve just never found very enjoyable. But then I’d never been to a salon like Daniel Mikhael’s before. You know when you’re greeted with a huge orange martini and the friendliest team that it’s going to be a good night, and that’s even before I met Daniel himself, who would be my hairdresser. Not only is he one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, but he’s also just a natural with hair. He sat me down, had a little play with my hair, and then told me what he thought we should do with it – which was exactly what I had wanted done! I love how he considered my lifestyle, fashion sense and hair type when coming up with a cut.

After my hair was washed, Daniel got started with the cutting. Unlike hairdressers I’ve had previously, he was so easy to talk to it was like having a chat with a friend, and there was no awkward small talk. He was also full of great tips and tricks to getting salon-perfect hair at home. My favourite one was his drying method to achieve the cool, slightly messy wavy style in the photos above: run some curling cream through your hair, then twist sections of your hair away from your face and dry with a diffuser. It’s easy to do and gives such a great result. But the great thing about Daniel’s cut is that it works so well with my hair and lifestyle, most of the time I just wash it and go – I didn’t get any of that disappointment when after one wash the cut doesn’t seem so good.

So back to that earlier confession about not enjoying hair cuts … I think I’m going to have to eat my words. After having such a fun evening with great company, the most delicious cocktails ever and of course a great cut, I will definitely be back in a few months to see Daniel and the team for another appointment – and if you’re London-based, you should too! You’ll get a cut that will really work with your lifestyle as well as look great, for a very affordable price. Daniel has also been kind enough to give my readers an exclusive discount – if you quote ‘Girl in the Lens’, you’ll get 15% off a cut and colour! So if you’ve been thinking about that cut you’ve been needing, drop in to see Daniel 🙂

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