Adidas NEO Miami Style Reporter – What’s in My Bag?

So a couple of weeks ago, you got to see this delightful face of mine in my first challenge to become Adidas NEO’s style reporter on a trip to Miami to meet the Biebs. Well I’m one step closer to actually pulling that face for real, because I’ve got through to the final round, which has challenged us bloggers to create a ‘what’s in my bag’ post around the essentials we’d take with us on the trip. We were meant to be as creative as possible, and Callum and I had some really crazy ideas we would have loved to try out, but given the time restriction and our busy week, we only managed a typical ‘what’s in my bag’ post. I’ve tried to be a bit different in my explanations for why I’ve packed the items, however, so hopefully we get a few points there …

What's in my bag - Adidas NEO Miami style reporter

1. Adidas NEO shoulder bag – The starting point: a bag to fit all my trip essentials that’s practical as well as being totally cool

2. Snacks – I don’t ever leave the house without some sort of food goody in my bag. Plus, I’m gonna need the sugar to keep me going

3. Make up – Well, I’ve got to be looking my best if I’m going to be meeting the Biebs haven’t I?

4. iPad – Lighter than a laptop and it’s got a tonne of great apps that will be useful for reporting, including dictaphones and the internet, so I can keep up to date with my research whilst out in the field (hello professional reporter keyword)

5. Kindle – Hey, it’s a long plane journey to Miami. Plus, I can show Justin my novel on it and get him to do a bit of cheeky publicity 😉

6. iPhone – Is it just me or do you feel naked without your phone?

7. Scarf – To keep me warm on the plane and when the Miami nights get chilly. Plus, we all know the Biebs loves a good scarf

8. Sunnies – So I can pretend that I’m someone famous when I’m scurrying around Miami and get papped (and also to protect my eyes from the sun of course. They haven’t seen the yellow object in a few months after all)

9. Comfy shoes – To enable all the said scurrying. And until I get my gold shoes from Justin, second-best silver will have to do

10. Earplugs – For the plane journey  to ensure I get my beauty sleep (and to protect my ears from the hordes of screaming Beliebers)

11. Notepad – Just in case my iPad/iPhone run out of battery and I actually need to do what reporters used to do in the days before digitalisation and WRITE THINGS DOWN WITH A PEN AND PAPER (dun dun duuuuuun)

12. MP3 – It would be rude to meet a recording artist without evidence that you actually listen to their recordings now, wouldn’t it?

13. Lip balm – Your valiant weapon against airplane air

So those are reporter essentials! You could also be going on the trip if you play the Adidas NEO ‘Find My Gold Shoes’ competition – all the details are here. Good luck if you enter! Maybe I’ll see you out there …

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