Bunny Rabbit Inspired Fashion for Easter

Bunny rabbit inspired fashion and jewellery

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Not being a religious person myself, Easter to me is all about bunnies and chocolate. I’m not usually one for the commercialism of these types of holidays, but I do love animal-inspired fashion, so Easter is a good excuse for me to unearth some fabulous new bunny-licious finds to add to my wardrobe. The whimsical representation of rabbits in popular culture – think of Alice going down the rabbit hole to Wonderland – is playful and fun, so I’ve picked pieces which reflect that. This style is all about British eccentricity, so don’t be afraid to wear a pair of rabbit ears with a casual t shirt and jeans combo, or layer up rabbit-inspired jewellery and accessories with pretty dresses.

Happy Easter! x

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Bunny rabbit fashion drawings illustrations

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