Wishlist: Classics with a Twist

Classics with a twist outfit  (clockwise from top left) 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Items sourced via Shopcade

 Lusting after simplicity today. Pieces that are classic but with a twist – that’s what designers do best. I am and always will be a high street girl, but I do have a small but growing collection of designer pieces. If, like me, you’ve not exactly got an endless supply of money, you have to look for items you can really invest in – pieces that are classic enough to last a lifetime in your wardrobe, but with special enough design details to make them stand out items. Had a little browse of the new brands on Shopcade (so excited to see Coggles and My-Wardrobe on there, two of my favourite online shopping destinations for designer goods) and found the above pieces. All of them hit the ‘classics with a twist’ criteria perfectly – the leather jacket with an interesting gold collar, the little black bag with studs, the shoe-boots and skinny jeans with quirky prints, the cute knit with ruffle detail. I can see someone like Erin Wasson wearing this outfit and completely rocking it. x

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