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top: c/o Superdry, trousers: H&M, boots: c/o Call it Spring, watch: c/o Daniel Wellington

Well look who it is! While I have to admit of course that I’m nowhere near as great a photographer as Callum – especially using his new camera, which is super sensitive with the focus – it does make a nice change being the one behind the lens. I think he realises as well how it’s not actually that easy to pose (especially with someone moaning at you about how awfully you’re doing it)!

Superdry sent us this plain tee, which is really well priced at £16.99 because the material is oh-so-soft and a little thicker than your standard t-shirt. I love this colour on Callum and it works great with the dark blue cargo-style trousers and brown boots and belt. His boots are from a press event at Call it Spring last year. Callum usually wears Converse or doesn’t tuck his trousers into his boots, but I love this slightly military-inspired look on him. Here’s a little trick I’ve learnt styling Callum for short boys who want to rock the tucked-in-boots look, especially if you’re quite built on the top like him – tuck your top into your trousers and belt, at least at the front. It adds a sense of height and creates better proportions than an un-tucked top.

P.S. Just look at the difference in light between these pictures and the post before shot in Seville. Waaahhh! What is up with this UK ‘summer’?! x

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