Wishlist | His + Her Christmas Gift Guide


A little last-minute gift inspiration for those of you that aren’t weird like me and buy your presents months in advance! Even if you’re just looking for the finishing touches, hopefully there’ll be something here that catches your eye, and all these gifts are affordable at under £50. One of the best things about buying online is how quick it is, so if you’ve been super busy at work in the run up to the holidays and don’t have a lot of time to browse the high-street, just shop your gifts on the net! You might want to opt for a quick delivery option, but most sites will be able to tell you whether your purchases will arrive in time for Christmas, so check that first. Another plus to online shopping is that there’s a tonne more variety, though indecisive people, be warned – this can mean you end up browsing each site for hours! I am most definitely not speaking from experience … *cough*.

Happy shopping sweeties! x

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