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dress: Three FloorΒ | shoes: Zara

Walking the red carpet at a film premiere has always been a dream of mine. I went through Leicester Square so many times on the way back from work when I lived in London while premieres were going on, but never thought I’d actually get to be at one myself (unless we’re counting the time I accidentally walked onto the red carpet during the Inbetweeners Movie premiere, bumped into Simon Bird and was promptly chased off by security guards). Luckily, at the Divergent premiere last weekend there was no accidentally walking on and the security guards happily let Callum and I through – because we had tickets! Eee!

To be honest, it was quite different to how I imagined it to be. There was a lot of queuing for starters, and then ticket holders walked the carpet from a different end to the cast and celebrities, so there was no papping or fans screaming out for my autograph (though a few did watch me oddly as Callum took a few snaps of my dress). We were also ushered into the cinema pretty quickly so didn’t get to take as many photos as we would have liked, or get close to the stars. Still, I managed to get a good gawk at Shailene Woodley, who is my newest girlcrush (those eyes! That smile!) and then we settled into our seats and waited for the cast to arrive. After a quick intro, it was on to watching the film – which was amazing! Lots of kick ass action and some super hot tension between Shailene and her leading man Theo James. I loved the soundtrack too. Divergent is out in cinemas nationwide TODAY so check out the trailer to see if it looks like your kind of movie.

One of the nicest things about having this premiere as my first red carpet experience (she says, as if there’ll be more) is that Divergent is based on a series of books written by Veronica Roth, a fellow young adult author. I did get a little emotional on her behalf at the thought of how she’d be feeling at seeing her words brought to life, especially with such an amazing cast. I mean, Kate Winslet – Kate Winslet! – is playing one of her characters. I can’t imagine how incredible that feels. Writing is always my first and foremost priority, and I feel so privileged to be able to do it as my job, but of course it would be amazing to have a film made out of one them too. Hey, a girl can dream … πŸ˜‰Β x

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