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LFW Instagram Diary

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Well, that’s it! London Fashion Week is over for another season and I am finally able to take a minute to catch my breath. Whew, was it a whirlwind! This season I really wanted to get fully into the swing of things as I didn’t make February’s fashion week earlier this year because of book deadlines, so I was determined to make the most of it. And, judging by the amount of clothes and bags strewn across my flat, my aching feet and the happy glow that comes from catching up with so many of my favourite blogger babes, I did!

On Friday I had so much fun taking over Warehouse’s Instagram for their #TalesofmyLFW campaign. I’m really impressed by Warehouse this season. I got to preview their latest AW pieces and pick an outfit to wear to fashion week, and was so spoilt for choice – think luxe fabrics, sleek cuts, graphic shapes and beautiful muted tones. Your winter wardrobe is going to be so happy! For my look I went with a 60s inspired style in this leather-look pinafore, printed tee and sandals-and-socks combo. I also chose this incredible pink coat (I like to call it my giant pink marshmallow) but we were blessed with unusually warm weather for fashion week, so I didn’t get round to wearing it. To get more style inspiration and ideas on how to wear your Warehouse pieces, check out their super cool new blog, Tales of the City! Its had a sleek new make-over and is packed full of great fashion content. Think of it as an online magazine and shopping destination!

While fashion is of course the focus of the week (otherwise that would be quite the misnomer), one of the best things about it is that so many bloggers are around, and it was great to hang out at exclusive fashion-week destination The Apartment for post-show chills and chats with the gang. Whether it was bedtime stories with Abi and Carrie, GBK trips with Van and Reem, or street-style snapping with Tony and Julia, I giggled my way through the last five days with these lot, and am genuinely at a loss now that it’s over and we’re no longer all practically under the same roof 24/7.

If my blogger babes were one of my fashion week essentials, then my new beauty heroes were another. I was lucky enough to be treated to a make-over and personalised beauty-kit by Max Factor to get me through fashion week looking primped and photo-ready! Because of my troublesome skin, I’m not actually a big wearer of foundation. I prefer to let my skin breathe. But their new Skin Luminizer foundation is so light and gentle – perfect if you’re like me and prefer a super natural look. I also got some amazing tips from make-up artist Caroline. For example, she recommends buying two shades of foundation, one lighter than your natural colour, which you can then use to highlight your forehead, nose and cheeks for that beautiful contoured effect. It’s such an easy trick to recreate at home and makes your skin super glowy!

Finally, my last fashion week necessity I want to share with you is of course a camera to capture all the action! I was recently gifted the Olympus Pen E-PL7, and to be honest, I didn’t have the highest hopes. Callum just has photo-ing down with his Canon 5D, and I was dubious that a camera so small, light and inexpensive could compete. Well, isn’t it just the best feeling when something proves you so totally wrong? Because it turns out the Pen is ah-mazing. Like, super-duper amazing. I am now so in love with it all my friends are sick of hearing about it – or have ended up being so jealous they’ve bought their own! Honestly, I can’t sing its praises enough. It’s a blogger’s dream camera – so lightweight that you won’t notice carrying it all day, but packing serious punch when it comes to the shots. All my LFW Instagram snaps were taken with the Pen, and even Callum was so impressed by how beautifully they’ve turned out he’s let them onto the blog!

Phew, that’s finally it for my LFW round up! Hope you all had a great week whatever you were up to and have a very happy weekend 🙂 come back soon for out next posts, including another flash-back to our time in Ibiza, a hotel review, and a very exciting project with a bag brand I’ve been dying to share with you all for the best part of a year! x

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