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The jumperThe Jumper - Jewellery Details

jumper: French Connection, necklaces: Bulgari, Forever 21, Massimo Dutti

A few weeks ago I did a post about the perfect t-shirt. Well say hello to the jumper that goes with everything. This was a steal from French Connection during their summer sale – probably one of my favourite sales out of all the shops. I find it difficult to trawl through loads of jumbled clothing racks (er, sorry Topshop!), and so tend to do my sale shopping online, but FCUK sales are always well organised. This jumper was another one of those ‘got-to-have-it’ moments. The mix of silk, wool and cotton has given the fabric a really luxurious, soft-knit feel without being itchy or shapeless. The colour is great too – a deep, almost brownish charcoal-grey that looks great against bright jewellery like these necklaces. It’s such an amazing piece, I have to force myself not to wear it all the time!

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  • Julie

    Hi Natasha, so glad you’re championing the plain grey jumper fashion – such an underrated piece. I’ve got a really similar one from Primark (just shows that fashion is about how you wear it – not where it’s from!) I love pairing this up with a colourful girly skirt and some black boots to toughen it up as the weather gets colder. Creates such a powerful gradient. What are your predictions for A/W 2012?

    • Hi Julie! Yup it’s completely about how you wear it. I do the same with boots and a bright skirt – I have a pink Zara one that I often team with the jumper.
      Wow, hadn’t thought about AW12 yet! But I’m looking forward to a resurgence of the military aesthetic, or just a whole uniform/utility trend. I’m hoping fetish will be big again as I love leather but maybe next year it’ll be more focused on colour as opposed to shape. Just a couple of ideas. What about you?

  • Julie

    Hey! I know AW12 is still far away, but I love thinking ahead so that the key pieces I buy now will still be on-trend next year – recycling is one way to make fashion both affordable and ethical! Whilst I agree that AW11 trends are focused on shape, I was hopeful from the fashion weeks for even more focus on gender-neutral styles so I’m feeling that next year might develop this even further – I love vixenish girls counterpoised in crisp shirts and especially low-slung trousers. I just bought a great pair from Zara (great for basics with a twist!) and would love to get some coloured boots (which would be perfect if your prediction is correct!) to go with them. How long have you been in the fashion industry?

    • I love the gender-neutral look too, esp. loved the drop waists at Theysken’s Theory and the boxy tailoring at Doo.Ri.
      I’m not actually in the fashion industry – I work in social media haha. But I’m massively into fashion so thought this blog would be a great way to have that outlet without that elusive fashion career … What about you? Do you have a blog? I’d love to see it x

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