Digital Styling with Polyvore

Green notes, a dash of oriental and boxy shapesGreen notes, a dash of oriental and boxy shapes - items

Callum’s mega-busy with all sorts of stuff lately so I’m still waiting on him to edit the outfit photos and London Fashion Weekend coverage he’s done. I’m happy with the pics as they are but they’re going up on this blog under his name so he needs to be completely satisfied with them.

So whilst I’m waiting on those here’s some digital styling I did on Polyvore recently. This is what I’d wear if I was far more stylish than I actually am! The outfit was inspired by green notes, a dash of oriental and boxy shapes.

2 comments to Digital Styling with Polyvore

  • Hey, I just bumped into your blog and really love it. Im so happy I discovered it. YOu have great style and are super inspiring. I follow you now and am a big fan. If you get a chance pop up by my blog
    xoxo Tamara

  • Hi Tamara, thanks so much! Just checked out your blog, following now 🙂 love your Autumn nail polish feature. Mint is definitely the way forward- just bought some mint jeans online, praying they’ll fit!