Simple Black Maxi Dress

Jessica Stein from Tuula - black maxi dress


Confession: I’ve never worn a maxi. No maxi skirt, no maxi dress, nothing. I think it’s cause I like my legs to be free, and I’ve also struggled getting one that is the right length on me, as they always come up a little short. But after looking at this simple black maxi on the gorgeous Jessica from Tuula, and getting my first ever maxi skirt a few weeks ago, I know I’ve gotta get a maxi dress this summer. I’m taking the plunge. Please throw any tips on where to find a good maxi dress my way! I can’t wait to have fun styling it. I’m imagining one with black Converse and a neon satchel for a casual daytime look and neon heels and a metallic bag for the night.

How would you style a simple black maxi? 

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