Neon Bags by Marc Jacobs

Since getting a neon yellow bag and a fluorescent green Zatchel that is literally so bright it could cause permanent eye damage if you look at it too long, I’ve been obsessed with bright arm candy. I really do think that bags are something worth investing in, as they’ll last you for years, and a well-made bag is truly a joy to have on your arm. So I’ve been doing some virtual shopping for a neon beauty I can invest in on one of my favourite online stores, Farfetch. One designer has really caught my eye with their brightly-coloured beauties – just look at these gorgeous Marc Jacobs bags!

Neon Marc Jacobs bags

I love the subtle neon detail of these bags, with just the perfect amount of zany colour to make them a little different from your everyday bag, but easy enough to incorporate into any wardrobe, including your work clothes. I’d wear all three of them with the following outfits (pinched from Nasty Gal – where else?!):

Outfits to go with neon bags

The smart work outfit on the left would look great with a shot of neon, but I’d keep all the other accessories to a minimum so if you have to dash to an important meeting with a client, you don’t offend them with too many colours going on! The subtle neon details of the bags would also go great with the evening outfit in the middle – neon looks amazing on white. And for a cool, day look that isn’t too put-together, the outfit on the right would be great with even more colour. I love layering colour for playful summer day looks.

Are you also crazy for neon?

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