Cosmo Blog Awards 2012!

Happy jump

Hi everyone! There’s a good reason for this happy jumping photo … me and Callum had the amazing news this week that Girl in the Lens has been shortlisted for Best New Fashion Blog in Cosmopolitan’s blog awards this year! We were so delighted to find out. It’s a huge honour, as blogging is something we do mainly as a hobby – Callum can practice his photography and design skills, and I get to play dress up! But it is something we take very seriously and so we’re chuffed that one of the biggest magazines in the world has spotted us out of all the blogs out there.

If you like our blog (and hopefully you do and that’s why you’re here!) we’d really appreciate your votes. It’s super easy to vote, just click the button below, enter your email (no need to subscribe to anything, they just want to prohibit cheating), click on ‘new fashion blog’, hover over our name and click ‘vote now’. Each and every vote means the world to us ๐Ÿ™‚

vote for us!

I wish there was a better way I could thank you all for your support over the past months since our blog first started, but the only way I can think of is to keep holding giveaways! I’ll have one every two weeks for you to enter so it gives you all plenty of chances to win. Click here to see my latest giveaway with StylistPick.

And another huge THANK YOU to all our readers for making this possible!

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