Winter Boots Wishlist

It’s that time of year again where I pack away all my pretty summer shoes and go on the hunt for new boots for the coming winter. It’s a fun time – boots are probably my favourite style of shoes, and I love looking for ones to add to my collection – but it can be a bit costly. Plus, boots have to be comfortable to trek around in all day, so it’s tough putting aside all the pretty high-heeled ones and finding pairs that are both cool and comfy. Here are a few I’ve managed to find that’ll go with all this season’s biggest trends, as well as being super practical.

Winter boots

1. Pied a Terre Synders Low Boot / 2. KG Shyla Boots / 3. Paul Green Poppy Boots 

4. Steve Madden Banddit Biker Boot  / 5. Bertie Neras Glitter Boot / 6. KG Twiggy Boots    

I find I always gravitate towards ankle boots – the length and cut is just so flattering, and I like to wear them in the summer too – but possibly my favourite boots from this selection are the longer-length Steve Maddens. They’re probably the most versatile boot for winter-summer wear, and with a very small block heel they’ll be great for everyday use. I’d save the sparkly Bertie boots for night-time, the bright red KGs for a Miranda Kerr-style daytime outfit with jeans, and the purpose Pied a Terre boots are great for the office. All boots can be found in House of Fraser stores and online.

Which boots are on your winter wishlist? x

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