How to Mix Menswear with Womenswear

One of my favourite things to do is mix clothes and accessories from the men’s section with womenswear/buy boyfriend-style pieces from the female section, but it’s something you have to be quite delicate about to make sure the balance is right. You always want the look to fall more on the feminine side, and getting the silhouette right is really important. I thought I’d put together a little how-to to show you the way I mix my masculine and feminine pieces. These are just the tips and tricks I use, but they’re in no way hard and fast rules, and the best thing about this style is that you can get playful with it and just try different things out until you hit on something that works for you!

How to Wear Men’s Tops  …

Styling men's shirts and tops

This is without a doubt my most-worn style. On a normal day, you can usually find me in an oversized jumper I found in the menswear section of a store and leggings or skinny jeans. In summer, I just swap the trousers for shorts or bodycon skirts, and the jumpers for tees or shirts. I think the key here is to make sure you always maintain a feminine silhouette in the lower half of your body, which is why slim trousers and skinny jeans are perfect. If you’re not keen on skinny trousers, teaming women’s linen trousers and long sleeve polo shirts for men would work for this style too, though be careful on getting the balance in volume right. Check out ASOS and Topman for great menswear jumpers and shirts to incorporate into your wardrobe.

How to Wear Men’s Jackets …

How to style boyfriend jackets and coats

One of my favourite styles that incorporate menswear, as it’s easy to do and creates a really cool, nonchalant sex appeal. As with all these menswear-inspired styles, silhouette is key. Don’t throw a large men’s jacket over voluminous pieces underneath or you’ll dwarf your frame and loose your feminine figure. Try and wear something short on the bottom to show off your legs, but add an oversized men’s blazer over the top for that cool, loose shape on top. Alternatively, team with skinny jeans for that chic London vibe. AllSaints and Zara are my go-to stores for boyfriend inspired coats and jackets.

How to Wear Men’s Trousers … 

Boyfriend jeans and joggers outfits

These days it’s super easy to get this look, as you can just grab a pair of boyfriend jeans from the womenswear section of most shops and they’ll be cut to flatter the female figure. The sports luxe trend has also meant that there’s loads of gorgeous, oversized joggers you can team with heels or high-tops and a leather jacket for a cool menswear-inspired look. I think this style is harder to achieve than wearing men’s jackets or tops, as I find balancing the volumes more difficult, but it’s a fun style to play around with. Try New Look for boyfriend jeans and joggers.

How to Wear Men’s Accessories …

Styling men's accessories for women

This is a style you can incorporate into so many outfits to toughen them up and give them a bit of an edge. Bags and hats are the easiest way to get this look – just go for a men’s satchel or backpack, or put on your boyfriend’s beanie, and outfits are instantly updated. The best thing about this style is that it goes with all the other menswear-inspired fashion I covered above, so you can get that extra touch of boyfriend cool by teaming with a pair of oversized joggers or a men’s shirt. ASOS have loads of great collection of menswear-inspired accessories to add to your wardrobe.

So that’s my quick, easy guide to incorporating menswear into your wardrobe! What are your favourite tips for getting that boyfriend style? Let me know in the comments below 🙂 x

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