Cute iPhone Cases

Cute iPhone fashion cases

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Ask any blogger and they’ll tell you that their smartphone is one of their most important tools. Since getting mine, I’m rarely off it – I think I’m a teensy bit obsessed now, actually! – and you can always find me rushing around between meetings, clutching my iPhone. But since I’m a fashion blogger, my iPhone needs to be looking as cute as my outfit, and so I’m always on the hunt for gorgeous new cases. Above are some of my favourites. I tend to prefer cases that aren’t too branded, but the Marc Jacobs and Stella & Dot ones were too sweet not to include! I love how easy it is to slip on a new case and your look is instantly updated, and you can always find a case to suit your mood. I love playful accessories, so I think the panda case is the next on my to-buy list. Though the Union Jack one is pretty awesome too!

P.S. If you haven’t got an iPhone and are looking for a smartphone, I really recommend getting one! It’s 100% worth the money. I find it really useful for my author duties as well as my fashion blogger ones too, as I can read and edit Word docs on the go, and I’ve been saved from being late to meetings with its inbuilt Sat Nav. Phones 4 U have some great contract deals, or you can buy one straight from Apple, like I did. x

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