This Week’s Top Blogger Looks

Kayture Kristina Bazan Swiss fashion bloggerChiara Ferragni The Blonde Salad A Go Go fashion blogLucy Shiny Thoughts UK fashion bloggerSpin Dizzy Fall Australian blogWe Wore What fashion blog

Kature / The Blonde Salad / A Go Go / Shiny Thoughts / Spin Dizzy Fall / We Wore What

People always ask where I get my fashion inspiration from. While it’s true that I do like a good browse through a glossy magazine like most girls, and that I check out the fashion week catwalks online, my biggest fashion influence will always come from street style. And the best thing is that, thanks to the internetz, street style from all over the world is now accessible via these amazing things called blogs. I used to do a feature where I’d pick out particular bloggers who style I admire, but I think it’s more useful to do a weekly round up of blog looks that are inspiring me at the moment. These are the outfits I spotted from last week that made me dizzy with their fashionable awesomeness. Which is your favourite look? x

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