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coat: Sisley | shirt: Forever 21 | jeans: Warehouse | shoes: Converse | bag: c/o Brit-Stitch

We’ve got something a little different for you today on the blog! Because I love getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse into my favourite fashion brands, I sat down with the lovely team at Brit-Stitch to find out more about their company, and what the secret is to making such gorgeous bags. Some of you might recognise the bag in the photos above, because I have pastel pink and mint green versions (outfits here and here) and J’ADORE. Well, the lovely people at Brit-Stitch have just launched a super cool Make Your Own customisation feature, allowing you to create your perfect version of their Half Pint and Milkman shapes.

I was lucky enough to test it out, opting for this two-tone blue colour block Half Pint number. I wanted something cool and versatile for winter, something smart but with a bit of an edge. What do you think? It’s a lot harder than you might think to visualise how your design is going to look once it’s made, but luckily this bag is just what I had in mind. So now go have a little read on to find out more about the Make Your Own feature and what’s in store for Brit-Stitch in the future … x

Brit-Stich bags

Hello Brit-Stitch team! Your brand has such a wonderful story behind it. Can you give us a little more insight into Brit-Stich’s humble beginnings and how you’ve developed since?

When we say our bags have vintage heritage, we really mean it! It all began in 1967 when master craftsman Peter Jones made a leather cash bag for his local milkman, Toby. In 2012, Toby brought his bag back for a replacement strap. With 45 years of history in our hands, we decided it was time to give the vintage bag a modern makeover with the traditional skills from the past. Since then, we have been playing with bold colours and great designs to tap into the current market and become a modern staple for the next generation.

Has it been hard balancing your vintage inspirations with modern trends?

Initially yes, however with the input from our talented team from various backgrounds, we’ve developed products that are inspired from old designs but now appeal to the younger markets, with a focus on classic designs and current trends.

You’re a really tight-knit team, which is lovely to see. What is it like working this way, and does everyone have an input on what goes on at Brit-Stitch HQ?

Everyone in Brit-Stitch has an input into the designs, from the Leather Quality Control through every stage to Sales. Most of the employees have worked in the leather industry all their working lives which mean they bring a wealth of experience which we call upon when designing and making items.

What sort of things do you think about when you design and market a bag?

Quality and style are very important to us, we also look at a design and ask ‘Would we buy it and use it’! Our key aim is to create a timeless piece that can adapt to changing trends and be functional too.

How important are your British roots to you, and do you think you’ll ever expand the company overseas?

Being a British Manufacturer since 1967 our roots are firmly planted in the UK. We are continuously looking at new markets abroad but the manufacturing will always remain in the UK – our heritage is important to us.

You’ve just launched a Make Your Own feature, allowing buyers to customise their own bags. I think it’s super cool! What was the inspiration behind this?

We have always wanted to offer a service which allows the customer to design their own bags and a meeting with a very clever computer programming team allowed the idea to become a reality. Other Companies have offered similar services but to our knowledge there is no body offering anything like we do in the price range and within the short delivery times we offer. The future for the Make Your Own feature is very exciting with new features and products being launched soon – watch this space!

If you could be any Brit-Stitch bag, which would you be and why?

Now that’s an impossible choice! The great thing about our range is that there’s a bag for every occasion but if we had to choose, we’d be the Half Pint. Practical, perfectly sized and a classic!

Let us into a little Brit-Stitch secret …

The Managing Director had a daughter (Polly) born on the launch day!!

And lastly, what are your plans for the future?

We are continually working on new designs and colours but our focus at the moment is the development of the Make Your Own feature. We love the idea that everyone can have their own Brit Stitch to represent who they are. The future looks very exciting indeed!

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