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Girl in the Lens X Brit-Stitch


Girl in the LensGirl in the Lens | fashion blogGirl in the Lens Girl in the Lens Girl in the Lens | summer's dayGirl in the Lens

top: H&M | skirt: c/o Hollister | sandals: c/o Daniel Footwear | bag: c/o Brit-Stitch | rings: Topshop

I can’t believe how summery our last few posts have been! It’s been annoying Callum a little as photos are harder to edit when there’s a green background (apparently it affects the whitebalance, or something like that :P), and I’m sure you’d all like to see a more urban outfit, but when the sun is shining I can’t resist a day spent among the flowers and trees. I  think I’m definitely a country girl at heart. I love London, and when we travel I always want to explore new cities, but at the end of it I love coming back to a private, quiet spot away from the busyness of it all.

Stars of the show in today’s outfit are my gorgeous sandals from Daniel Footwear – on sale now! – and this super sweet leather backpack from Brit-stitch. As you all know, I’m borderline obsessed with pastel pink, so when I had the choice of what colour to get my backpack in there was no contest! But now I want the white and black ones to add to my collection (hehe, talk about greedy!). Anyway, have a lovely weekend sweeties, and next week I’ll be sure to bring you a more urban, streetwear look to counteract all the greenness and flowers that have taken over our blog lately! 

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Outfits + Giveaway | Bluebell

Girl in the Lens X Jarlo London


Girl in the Lens | BluebellsGirl in the Lens X SwarovskiGirl in the Lens | fashion blogGirl in the Lens | UK lifestyle blogBluebell woodsGirl in the Lens Girl in the Lens | Jarlo London dress and Swarovski jewelleryGirl in the Lens Girl in the Lens | bluebell woodsBluebell woods EnglandGirl in the Lens | pastel pink dressGirl in the Lens Lost in the woods

dress: c/o Jarlo | jewellery: c/o Swarovski

We took these shots a while back and haven’t put them up until now as Callum was spending extra time on them, to make sure they were just so. It’s been so hard keeping from sharing them with you all, but today is finally the day, and I really hope they’re worth the wait! Over the last few months we’ve been working hard at crafting beautiful editorial style shoots, really focusing on finding locations and outfits that are a perfect match. Girl in the Lens has come so far over the years, and we’ve been eager to move on from the days where we’d shoot looks in the streets outside our houses! We want it to be a real fashion destination, a place where you can find style inspiration but also creative photography and ideas too. Part of  that is coming soon in our blog redesign – another thing I can’t wait to share with you guys! But it’s also starting with posts like this, through which I hope you can get a sense of the magic we felt shooting in this gorgeous location!

These bluebell woods in Hartwood Forest are one of my favourite places to go for long, slow walks, losing yourself in the beauty of the landscape and just letting your mind drift into dreams. So many of my book ideas have found inspiration amongst these trees! I’ve always wanted to do a shoot here, but I knew it had to be the perfect time, so the light and colours were just right. One Sunday, Callum and I decided to finally give it a go. It had been raining all day, grey and cloudy, but then around eight in the evening the sun broke through, so we grabbed our things and rushed over, running up the muddy path from the car park to the woods. It had gotten dark again in the time we were driving, but as soon as we stepped into the woods the light just came shining down, dappling the forest floor and turning the bluebells the most beautiful, vivid colour.

It was magical. The shoot was a bit of a rush too as we only had a few minutes left of daylight, but perhaps that makes it even more precious. I felt like a complete princess in my oh-so-gorgeous Jarlo Tillie dress and delicate Swarovski pieces – blue to match the flowers! – and these photos were totally worth ruining my heels in the mud for. To win your own Jarlo Tillie dress, just enter using the below form. It’s such a beautiful dress I had to give more than one away, so there are two up for grabs (one per winner). The size small will fit UK 8-12 as it’s a stretchy fabric, so hopefully you’ll be able to wear it. If not, it’d make a lovely gift! 

Good luck sweeties! And I hope you like the pictures from our little shoot in the woods. Callum and I so happy with them, and that we got to share this magical moment with you all x

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Outfits | Bloom

Girl in the Lens X Forever 21


Girl in the Lens | floral dressGirl in the Lens | fashion blogGirl in the Lens Girl in the Lens | purple flowersGirl in the Lens | fashion bloggerGirl in the Lens | floral dress and ankle strap wedgesGirl in the Lens | BloomGirl in the Lens Girl in the Lens | Forever 21 dress

dress and wedges: c/o Forever 21

Look! We match! If there were any doubts left as to whether me and Ibiza are meant to be, now we know for sure. It’s just meant to be. Twirling around in this floaty, pretty-beyond-belief Forever 21 dress in front of a wall of flowers in bloom has been just one special moment from a whole holiday of them. Even though I’ve been ill most of the time with some fluey/fever/cold thing, it’s still been such fun exploring the island with Callum and our friends. Definitely hire a car if you’re thinking of coming – you’ll find the best beaches this way, and the countryside is such a pleasure to get lost in. Can’t believe we’ve only got a couple of days left now. Don’t make me leave! x

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Outfits | Napoleon

Girl in the Lens | travel style


Girl in the Lens Girl in the Lens | travellingGirl in the Lens | impossible tee and floral leggingsGirl in the Lens X Forever 21Girl in the Lens | fashion blogGirl in the Lens | t-shirt and denim jacketGirl in the Lens | Forever 21 mint cut out trainersGirl in the Lens | fashion blogger

jacket, t-shirt, leggings, trainers: c/o Forever 21

Well HELLO THERE from sunny Spain! This post comes to you from my new desk for the week – a sun lounger on a cliff top overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Oh yes, it’s a tough life. Callum and I have had such a fun day exploring Ibiza’s west coast (we were aiming for beach hopping, but ended up falling in love with one and staying there for a while, so it was more of a beach hop..) and now we’re sat here in the dark, typing away to the sound of the waves nuzzling the shore and the smell of salt in the air. Lovely.

Just to get you caught up on things, here’s my outfit from a couple of days ago when we left for the airport. I can’t understand women who fly in heels – though all the power to them! – but I just want to be super duper comfy when I travel. Leggings, a cute tee and sneakers are all I want. Forever 21 have the best range of sweet little printed leggings, so I had to opt for these floral pair to go with my amazing Napoleon quote tee! I wouldn’t say I completely agree with Mr Bonaparte (for example, I did not try and jump from our plane, because the probability I would then spread my arms and fly is really rather low). But I definitely try and live life without creating blocks in my mind, and I do think there’s a lot of power in just believing hard in something and working you butt off for it. Don’t you agree? :)

Next post will be a summery holiday outfit shot right here lovelies, so come back Monday to check it out! But for now it’s adios amigos! Kisses from Ibiza x

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Travel | What’s in my Suitcase

Girl in the Lens | packing for a holiday


Girl in the Lens | what's in my suitcase

top, shorts, sandals, hairbrush, pocket mirror, eyelash curlers: c/o Forever 21

Only two days now until we leave for Ibiza and I am EXCITED :D (can you tell can you tell can you tell?)! It’s been sooooo long since Callum and I went away together, and we’ve both been working like crazy this year, so this break feels much deserved! It’s not strictly going to be work free of course, as we have a lot of blog shoots to do out there as well as a few posts to write up, but thankfully blog work is the fun kind, and we’re both very happy to be sharing our holiday adventures with you all!

While packing is not one of my most favourite parts of the whole travelling experience – how am I meant to know exactly which outfit I’ll want to wear each day? And pleeeassseee say my scales are wrong and I’m not 10kg over! – it definitely gets you excited about going away. Just pop some good music on and you’ll be in the holiday mood in no time! And it helps when you’ve got a few new treats to look forward to wearing. One of my favourite shops for holiday essentials is Forever 21. They have such a huge range and all their pieces are on-trend and great quality for the price. I love their beauty collection too – fun prints and brights are an instant mood perking-upper! 

So that’s it for the UK for a while folks! Next week’s post will come to you straight from Spain :) how exciting is that! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and maybe have your own lil holiday planned for sometime soon! Let me know in the comments below. Kisses sweeties x

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