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Girl in the Lens Girl in the LensGirl in the Lens | street styleGirl in the Lens Girl in the Lens Girl in the Lens Girl in the Lens Girl in the Lens

top: c/o Cheap Monday | jeans: Topshop | cardigan: H&M | heels: c/o Free People | bag: c/o Marc B | watch: c/o Guess | wrap bracelet: Cinderela B

Drifting along the beautiful streets of St Albans at sunset in a flowy cardigan somehow feeling way more glamorous than I am! It’s the light at this time of day – it makes everything gilded and beautiful. Callum is like a little moth when it comes to sunset. We’ll be having a wander and the sun will dip down to kiss the street and out his camera will come and soon here I am prancing along trying to avoid getting knocked down by cars while he happily snaps away. Oh the glamour of being a fashion blogger!

I’m wearing two of my hero pieces for this summer in this look – you know those items that seem to be the only things you can see in your wardrobe no matter how big it is and just feel oh so easy to wear? One is my lovely long cardi from H&M. I’ve worn it so much it’s starting to fray, so I might have to grab another one before it leaves the shops! The best thing about it is it’s so light it’s a great piece to have in your bag when you’re out and about on summer days, just in case it turns chilly. My second hero piece is this absolutely gorgeous slinky little off-shoulder top from Cheap Monday (similar here). It’s so delicate and subtly sexy, and perfect for showing off your post-holiday tan. I’m still desperately clinging to my Ibiza one!

Have a fantastic rest of the week sweeties and I’ll see you soon with more outfits and some exciting news about our new blog design! x

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Girl in the Lens


Apparently summer in Sweden is traditionally celebrated with the arrival of Midsummer, people kicking back to enjoy the sun with long days lost in beautiful countryside followed by evenings with friends laughing and enjoying fresh meat on the BBQ. Well perhaps I’m secretly part Swede, because to me that sounds like summer perfection! Callum and I took on board this cool Scandi tradition this weekend by having a little Midsummer celebrations ourselves, helped along by Rekorderlig’s delicious new summer flavours

Girl in the Lens Summer essentialsVeralum Park, St Albans, Hertfordshire, EnglandGirl in the LensGirl in the Lens Girl in the Lens Girl in the Lens Boy Behind the LensGirl in the Lens

dress: c/o Hollister, necklaces: c/o Swarovski

Swedish cider brand Rekorderlig recently launched their summer collection, and they sent over the four flavours for us to try - Strawberry-Lime, Mango-Raspberry, Passionfruit and Apple-Guava (my favourite!). Callum and I would have been happy just sampling these while lazing in the park – we’re big fans of cider, and the new flavours were so refreshing on this super hot day – but to really celebrate the Swedish summer spirit Rekorderlig also set me a challenge to come up with an outfit and summer essentials kit based on the colours of the new flavours: green, red and a dash of peach.

Let’s just say it’s lucky I battled this challenge before enjoying four bottles of cider, because it turns out these colours aren’t a combination I often wear! Red and green don’t instantly jump out as a particular trendy colour palette. But once I had this flirty Hollister dress in place – also number one of my summer essentials: a little floaty dress – the other things fell easily in place. I even found a bright red beach towel to go against all that green grass! It was meant to be. As for the rest of the kit, simplicity in summer is the most important thing to me when it comes to staying styling in the heat, so all you really need is a good dry shampoo, sun cream, nail polishes (my ones here are from Mavala), a tinted lip balm (my favourites are the Rimmel Colour Rush Balms) and then some Berocca to keep you perky! And of course a big bag to keep your essentials in, like my beautiful boho-style one from Fiorelli.

If you’d like to get in the summer mood with Rekorderlig too, head over to their Twitter and Instagram accounts and share your #SpiritofSummer essentials to win exclusive Rekorderlig goodies. Rekorderlig are also bringing the Scandi summer experience to the UK with four events running across Manchester, London, Glasgow and Bournemouth. I went to one last year and it was so much fun – lots of great Swedish food, drink and music, perfect for a cheeky day or evening out with friends. You can find more details on the events and book tickets here. 

Happy Midsummer everyone! We hope this post has got you well and truly in the summer mood :) x

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Events | Berlin with Marc Cain

Fashion bloggers


A couple of weeks ago I jetted off to Berlin for a whirlwind two-day trip with Marc Cain – Germany’s biggest fashion brand – to attend their SS15 show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It was my first time in Germany – though I didn’t really get to see that much of it! Our hectic schedule was packed with fun events, and it was only really when I was on the plane back that I had a moment to stop and breathe, and think over all the exciting things that I’d experienced. Unfortunately Callum couldn’t come on the trip with me, but the gorgeous Maddie from Daria Daria was on hand as our photographer. Take a look to see what we got up to on the day of the show …

MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-30FlowersJacks Beauty Marc Cain X Blogger BazaarGirl in the Lens Marc CainMarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-34MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-58MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-62Girl in the Lens MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-68MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-155MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-200Girl in the Lens | fashion blogFashion bloggersMarc Cain printsMarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-253Girl in the Lens MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-189MarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-259Lovely Pepa Berlin fashion weekMarcCainBloggerBazaar©MadeleineAlizadeh-398Bloggers at fashion weekBackstage Marc Cain SS15Marc Cain SS15 modelsBackstage fashion weekBackstage fashion show hair and make upMarc Cain SS15 Berlin fashion week showFashion bloggersMarc Cain SS15 Marc Cain SS15 runwayMarc Cain SS15 runwayFashion week Marc Cain SS15 collection

dress: c/o Marc Cain | shoes: Zara

Whew, those were a lot of photos! But Maddie’s snaps were so gorgeous I couldn’t help but share so many. It was seriously so much fun to meet the other ten bloggers out in Berlin working with Marc Cain, especially Clemence and Karolina, who I spent pretty much the whole time laughing with (as you can see in the photos. I think I need to work on my pout!). We started the day with a makeover by Jacks Beauty Department - who have convinced me orange lipstick is definitely the way forward – and taking an exclusive look at Marc Cain’s AW14 styles in their beautiful showroom. Then it was off for lunch at a super cool rooftop location before heading to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week!

As soon as we arrived, we ran backstage for a quick peek at the models getting ready before heading inside for the show. It was stunning, and I loved how the circus theme was played up with performers twirling ribbons and doing acrobatics down the runway. Every piece in the collection was beautiful, though I particularly loved the bright, bold floral prints and how floaty dresses and skirts were paired with lace sneakers – a new twist on my favourite sports luxe trend. One of the best things about Marc Cain is how age-defying their pieces are. They are all about classic cuts and shapes, and make clothes that every age group can wear and style in their own personal way. I’ll be getting a chance to style a few of the pieces from the AW14 collection over the next few months, so be prepared for your wishlist to get seriously out of control!

A big thank you to Marc Cain and the PR teams Blogger Bazaar and Task for inviting me out to beautiful Berlin, and Maddie for taking these gorgeous photos (I think they’ve made Callum a little jealous ;)). I’ve also got a fun little video of the day to share with you all, where you can see my killer dance moves. Not something you’re going to want to miss, hey? Watch it here :) x

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Outfits | Tee Tree

Girl in the Lens


Girl in the Lens Girl in the Lens | IbizaGirl in the Lens | fashion blogSummer styleGirl in the Lens | street styleGirl in the Lens Girl in the Lens Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza Girl in the Lens Tee t-shirt, denim skirt and checked shirtGirl in the Lens | street styleGirl in the Lens | fashion blogger

t-shirt: c/o Next | shirt and skirt: Topshop | shoes: c/o Forever 21 | bag: H&M | bracelet: c/o Links of London

So ladies, what’s your take on the shirt-wrapped-round-waist trend? It seems people either think it’s really cool or really not. Funnily enough, teenage Tasha would have been sooooo over it, but now I’m definitely part of the cool camp! It’s such a fun, easy way to add a little something more to a simple outfit, and I kind of love the retro vibe. Funny how these things come full circle, isn’t it?

We took these shots in Santa Gertrudis, a sleepy little town right in the middle of Ibiza. It’s such a beautiful place, and we had to take advantage of these lovely stone steps and tree-lined walkway to take a few outfit shots on our lazy morning walk. I’ve been wearing variations of this outfit during the UK’s steamy heatwave (steamy being the operative word – I’ve been working in the flat in just my undies, and any movement makes me feel as though I’m in a bikram yoga class). Anyone else go through clothes phases too, where you find yourself wearing the same pieces over and over again? Or maybe I’m just a lazy blogger hehe ;) x

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Ruffians barbers London Covent Garden


London Covent GardenGirl in the Lens Ruffians barbers Girl in the Lens | TrimmedGirl in the Lens Modern interiorGirl in the LensBoy Behind the Lens

Hair cut: c/o Ruffians

Here’s a post for all our male fans – and ladies, tell your boyfriends! Because you’re going to want them looking as sharp as Boy Behind the Lens here did after his haircut at the best barbers in town, Ruffians. For us, a good haircut comes down to one thing: service. You want someone who’s great at what they do, and good to hang out with for an hour or so (because how awkward is it when conversation fizzles out and they’re still hovering around you with scissors looming rather close to your ears?). With Ruffians – check, check, plus a whole lot more.

You’re welcomed with fresh coffee or a cool beer into the coolest warehouse-style space that’s the perfect blend of modern and old fashioned, a theme that runs through everything Ruffians do. They’re all about blending traditional techniques (hair vacuum, anyone?) with new trends – and doing it all with style. Callum’s barber Stephen worked with him to find a cut that fitted his lifestyle and fashion sense, but had that little bit of edge, something new and fresh, and because you can tell the Ruffians guys know what they’re talking about, Callum was happy to put his trust in him. Take a look at Callum’s Instagram for the final super slick result.

I loved how relaxed the atmosphere was in the shop – you’re made to feel totally at ease, and it’s somewhere you actually want to spend time in, rather than just rush in for your haircut and then out again. We ended up staying past closing time because we were busy chatting away with the team and enjoying our beers. We were also lucky enough to get Ruffians creator Andrew Cannon to answer a few questions about the company and male grooming, so check that out below. Big thanks again to the Covent Garden team for an awesome evening as well as a sharp cut! Boy Behind the Lens was so happy with his do that he’s been back since for a touch up – and is just about to book another. x

Ruffians Covent Garden barbersRuffians barbers review

Hey Andrew! So how did you first get interested in hair and male grooming?
It was out of frustration really. If you told me 5 years ago that I’d have set up a men’s grooming company, I would have laughed at you. Now I am in it, I can’t imagine doing anything else more enjoyable and satisfying. I had not enjoyed my previous barbering experiences: the options were woeful, either cheap, grubby barber shops or feminine salons. I always thought that there was a gap in the market for a place like Ruffians: a barber shop that has been created for the customer, by the customer. We’re all about proper haircuts and shaves, while keeping the atmosphere relaxed, masculine and fun.

How important do you think hair is when it comes to personal style?
Hair is definitely important. But more important – and this is a true Ruffian – is someone who carries themselves with confidence. Hopefully a good haircut can help them along the way.

What makes Ruffians unique from other barbers?
Well for starters, the best barbers work here! Our team is a mix of cherry-picked industry veterans and our barbers who we are training from within, so they really understand our Ruffians ethos and desire to change the industry for the better. Each of our team are unique and have their own character and personality; we encourage and promote these qualities because it helps them to build a relationship with our customers – and that’s the key to it: we’re different because we really enjoy building relationships and friendships with our customers. We’re honest about the fact we’re not inventing anything here; rather, we’re doing all the little things better, taking inspiration from all industries and walks of life to create something more special. We encourage our clients to come and enjoy their barbering experience, rather than just come in for a haircut. For this reason, we will offer a tipple on arrival and get to know everyone so they feel like they can return any time.

What’s been the toughest part of your journey with Ruffians so far?
Recruitment – getting the best team is difficult, especially when you don’t have a history in the industry. I’m lucky that Ruffians won the Best Hairdresser in the UK, Best Independent Hairdresser and Best Designed Hairdresser in the UK, so we now have a stronger reputation in the industry, which is really helping to make people take notice and now come to us asking to work for us.

… and which has been the highlight?
Obviously winning the awards above was a big deal, but my highlight was opening our flagship barber shop and store in Covent Garden. It’s exactly what I wanted it to be like, every time I step inside I feel a huge sense of pride and achievement.

What hair and male grooming trends are you seeing at the moment?
There’s a lot of chat in the media about how the ‘peak of the beard’ has been reached, although I don’t think it has yet; we’re actually seeing more men experimenting with their facial hair. It’s clear that the modern man is taking matters more into his own hands, and it not relying on the input from the fairer sex. We see more product purchases and have had an increase in our product sales as a result of men wanting to complement their sharp dressing with defined hair and grooming.

If you could live in any one hair era, which would it be?
Tough one! I’ve always thought that your hairstyle is so personal that is doesn’t really matter what anyone else is doing and you should just do your own thing. So in that theme, I have a lot of respect for the footballers of the 1980s – Kevin Keegan and all that lot… their perms may have looked awful but he didn’t care, and I respect that!

Whose hair have you always wanted to style, and what look would you give them?
I’d love to have in the likes of Clark Gable, in his pomp back in the 1930s. In those days there were very few big screen icons and they were so influential, so it would have been fantastic to have had them in the shop to hear their tales and cut their hair.

If you had to live for the rest of your life either with or without a beard, which would it be?
Well, my beard isn’t as impressive as I’d like it to be, so preferably clean shaven, but taking care of my skin religiously!

Your number one grooming tip every man should know …
With hair product: less is more, you can always add more if you need!

And lastly, give us a sneak peek into your future plans for Ruffians!
Well, that would be telling! We’ve got a couple of exciting product collaborations in the pipeline, and we’re thinking about other cities whose men need a Ruffians!

You can find Ruffians in Edinburgh and London: head over to their website for more info. 

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